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Our list of best tattoo artists in Melbourne goes like this.

Best tattoo artists in Melbourne at a glance

Tucked away in Melbourne’s Inner North, Third Eye Tattoo houses a few of the industry’s most talented and iconic artists. Each tattooist has their private studio within the parlour, decked out with artwork from around the world to inspire your next piece. This open and welcoming tattoo parlour offers all styles of tattooing and accommodates both walk-ins and consultations.

1. Third Eye Tattoo

Good Luck may be the sentiment, but you won’t need it when in the hands of the dedicated artists at this busy tattoo parlour in inner-city Melbourne. Since 2012, Good Luck Tattoo has been inking its customers with bright, bold, quality tattoos that stand the test of time. You can choose a design from the extensive collection on the wall or have a chat with some of the best tattoo artists Melbourne has to offer for something more personal.

2. Good Luck Tattoo

A Melbourne tattoo establishment since 1991, Dynamic Tattoo houses seven resident artists producing some of the finest ink in the city. There’s a definite Japanese flavour here, thanks to the renowned work of founder Trevor McStay. Yet the diverse and talented line-up of tattooists at this parlour can handle any style, from traditional Americana to intricate black and grey work or bright and colourful imagery.

3. Dynamic Tattoo

No matter how complex or straightforward the design, the talented and diverse crew of artists at Victims of Ink can handle it. The emphasis is on custom pieces, but they also accept walk-ins, retaining the excitement of the classic street tattoo shop for those spurred by the moment. The vibe is friendly and warm, the tunes are banging, and the staff are professional and stick to the most stringent of hygiene standards.

4. Victims of Ink

One of the city’s best-known tattoo parlours, Devils Ink Tattoo, has been inking Melburnians since 2002. The three Melbourne tattoo artists, Justin, Andy and Brendan, have a wealth of experience, knowledge and awards between them. Whether it’s a walk-in inspired from the extensive flash art or a custom traditional, neo-traditional, Japanese or portrait realism, these guys execute precise and bold tattoos and keep the good vibes coming.

5. Devil’s Ink Tattoo

This tattoo shop in Melbourne is tucked away in the loft of a historic building. It can be tricky to track down, but a vast and colourful oasis awaits for those in the know. The Melbourne Tattoo Co. is built on a foundation of exceptional quality of work, a passion for clean and lasting aesthetics, and a bond between artist and client based on openness and understanding. Each of the nine residents are some of the best tattoo artists in Melbourne and are often booked for months in advance.

6. Melbourne Tattoo Company

An iconic studio in the Melbourne tattoo scene, Vic Market Tattoo is one of the city’s longest-running ink establishments. 7 tattooists call this parlour home, each bringing a unique and distinctive style to the table. With an impressive amount of experience between them and work that covers a wide range of styles, you’re in good hands with these talented artists. Undoubtedly a frontrunner for the best tattoo Melbourne has to offer.

7. Vic Market Tattoo

The focus at Hot Copper is custom pieces, so booking ahead is essential. With seven of Melbourne’s finest female artists, this is the perfect venue for women to feel comfortable, although gents are welcome too. Each tattooist is versed in a range of different styles, from bright and flowery Tropicana to abstract realism and everything in between. Close to Coburg station, you will need to make a booking to find out exactly how to get there.

8. Hot Copper

Rounding out our list of best tattoo shops in Melbourne is Blue Lady Tattoo. Step right off the streets of Melbourne’s CBD and into the bright and spacious loft warehouse that Blue Lady Tattoo calls home. Every wall is adorned with art and artifacts, the vibe is fun and friendly and the resident crew consists of eight of Melbourne’s best tattoo artists. There’s a strong emphasis on good old traditional designs, yet each artist adds their own modern twists to spice things up a little.

9. Blue Lady Tattoo

When looking for a tattoo artist, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Things to consider before heading to a Melbourne tattoo shop

With an editorial team full of adventures, Man Of Many has had the unique opportunity to directly sample tattoo artists from the best spots in Melbourne. It is also based on our experience, in-depth research and customer reviews of tattoo artists in Melbourne. As expert journalists who guide people between competing products and services, we have provided our independent opinion in formulating Man of Many’s selections. Our editors have considered location, service and hygiene while also making a concerted effort to highlight a few spots outside of the CBD. You can review our editorial policy here surrounding how we maintain our independence in our editorial reviews.

How Man Of Many chose the best tattoo artists in Melbourne

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