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12 Best Watch Stores in Sydney | Man of Many
Founded in 1997, Watches of Switzerland has been one of Sydney’s premiere horological distributor. Remaining family owned in that time Watches of Sydney is one of Australia’s leading and largest official boutique retailer of exclusive luxury watches. Carrying such beautiful timepieces from Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre and IWC. In addition to providing the aforementioned timepieces, Watches of Switzerland also provide an after sales service to ensure the longevity of their esteemed products.
1. Watches of Switzerland
The Hour Glass has endeavoured to provide impeccable service alongside equally impressive products. As per mentioned on the retailors official website The Hour Glass has an admirable mission, that being to become the watch world’s leading cultural enterprise, making it a primary port of call for all enthusiasts and collectors alike. Representing over 50 brands, The Sydney watch shop is located on King Street and offers tailored consultation to all discerning customers.
2. The Hour Glass
Situated in the convenient Pitt Street location, the Swiss Concept watch shop has been one of Sydney’s leading distributor of, you guessed it, Swiss Watches. Since 1997 the Sydney watch store has been distributing timepieces hailing from the European nation, while additionally providing service that has become as everlasting as the pieces they sell.
3. Swiss Concept
A seasoned veteran when it comes to luxury goods distribution, since 1967 Gregory’s has been one of Sydney’s premiere dealer in fine Swiss Watches. Providing Harbour City residents with the crème de la crème of extravagance. Superb quality and service has set the bar for all retailer’s wanting to provide style and elegance to the public while competing against Gregory’s Jewellers.
4. Gregory’s Jewellers
Anthony de Mello once said that “Wisdom can be learned. But it cannot be taught”. Wisdom would be the best way to describe what the Sydney Watchmaker J Farren Price is gifted with. Since 1942, the store has strived to provide Sydney siders and in fact all of Australia with the finest range of timepieces in the world. In-fact John Farren-Price, the stores founder was the first to introduce many extraordinary European timepieces to Australia.
5. J Farren Price
Kennedy was founded in 1976 and has continued to be a supreme distributor of quality, sophistication and panache. Sydney has been blessed from a horological standpoint with regard to this purveyor of timepieces. Many of the world’s finest brands are provided by this boutique, as well as a driven commitment for excellence in customer service.
6. Kennedy
Nicholas Hacko is a third-generation master watchmaker. Weighty titles aside Mr Hacko has established himself as a unique independent distributor of some of the finest timepieces to adorn the carpus. What does this mean for you? A much more unbiased and all-encompassing approach to providing quality watches for Sydney.
7. Nicholas Hacko/Clockmaker
Gracing Sydney with its services since 1994, The Vintage Watch Co. combines expert advice and a range that can only be described as distinctive. With a staff of trained watchmakers who can assist in everything from a battery change to and full restoration of your precious timepiece, the Vintage Watch Co. provides Sydney with the ultimate vintage watch experience.
8. Vintage Watch Co.
Zaeger Diamonds & Watches provide the Sydney watch market with wholesale prices direct to any customer. For over 25 years Zaeger Watches in the Sydney CBD has been operating in the wholesale market of luxury timepieces with a showroom located Castlereagh Street. A loyal commitment to its customers is perhaps the best way to describe specifically why this distributor has remained relevant and more importantly revered.
9. Zaeger Diamonds & Watches
The Sydney Watch Exchange provides only the finest in Vintage/Pre-owned timepieces.   The Watch Exchange brings together the wider horological community and provides it with a marketplace for only the highest quality pre-owned watches. Moreover, it is perhaps best to describe pre-owned as pre-loved, the Sydney Watch Exchange ensures that that love is continued for years to come.
10. Watch Exchange
For 160 years, Hardy Brothers has been building a reputation for service, quality and design by providing a unique shopping experience for anyone looking for the very best watches in Sydney. Hardy Brothers offer amongst their extensive range of time pieces some of the world’s iconic Swiss brands including Baume and Mercier, Buben & Zorweg and Breitling
11. Hardy Brothers
Shum’s Watches & Jewellery can be regarded as a catalyst, this is with regard to the fact that establishing in 1978 it became the first wristwatch retailer in Sydney’s Chinatown.  Offering many prestigious Swiss watches from brands such as Piaget, Vacheron Constantin and Mido the boutique also provides an exceptional after sales services.
12. Shum Watches & Jewellery
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