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15+ Best Workout Gear to Get You Back in the Gym | Man of Many
If you’re making the trek back to the gym and want to get your outfit sorted, it’s not as easy as just chucking on an old, worn out t-shirt. There are a few key things that gym apparel offers that conventional clothing does not. Here’s what you should be looking out for;
What to Consider When Buying Gym Apparel
When it comes to getting your workout gear sorted this year, it starts from the ground up. From Nike to Under Armour, here is a list of the best gym shoes and workout footwear to up your New Year’s resolution fitness revival.
Best Gym Shoes
The Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge is built for classes and workouts that keep you moving. From the treadmill to the rowing machine to strength training, you get the responsive cushioning of Nike ZoomX foam and containment support from an arc on the side to keep you ahead of the curve.
Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge
The most breathable version yet, the Nike Metcon 6 helps keep your foot cool when you’re going full steam. It stands up to the push and pull of heavily weighted and high-intensity workouts, delivering stability and durability. A favourite of multi-time CrossFit champion and current Fittest on Earth winner Mat Fraser, the Metcon 6 has all the support you need to make some serious gym gains this year.
Nike Metcon 6
These aren’t your typical weight lifting shoes for men. Under Armour TriBase technology maximises your contact with the floor with three points of contact for a low, stable base that still allows natural foot flexibility. Additionally, these shoes come with larger external heel counter and collar height for increased stability & heel lock-in along with strategic rubber build under the toe box for a more powerful floor grip.
TriBase Reign 2 Training Shoes
The Nike Free Metcon 3 combines Nike Free flexibility around the forefoot with Metcon stability in the heel to help you get the most out of your training session. The signature Nike technology in the forefoot creates flexibility for agility moves and sprints, while the rigidity up the sides helps support side-to-side movement. For the big boys, the flat, wide heel creates a stable base when you’re lifting.
Nike Free Metcon 3
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