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Style Guide: How to Dress Like Every BTS Band Member | Man of Many
It isn’t easy to stand out amongst a group of stylish young men. Even as the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook still manages to show off his own unique style. Joining BTS at just 15 years old, Jungkook is already regarded as one K-pops most in-demand and talented singers. Like many other successful artists his age, Jungkook has his sights set on film-making and fashion. If his TikTok videos are anything to go off, we think he might serve as the director of some big Netflix films in the future.
Jung Kook
Originally interested in being an actor, Jin is the oldest BTS band member. Hilariously, Jin goes by the nickname ‘worldwide handsome’, introducing himself as such in 2017. He was originally scouted for the BTS band due to his looks, so maybe this self-praise has some truth to it. Being the quietest member of the band, Jin likes to keep his style fairly understated. Jin rocks oversized outerwear pieces and likes to pull off a pink outfit every once in a while. Pink is his favourite colour.
Suga had to earn his place in the BTS band. While he is a hustler in every sense of the word he also struggles with anxiety. Writing songs since he was 13, he honed his craft working late nights in a recording studio during his teenage years. Sometimes referring to himself as ‘genius Suga’, his sense of style is simpler and more reserved than some of the more flagrant members of the group.
Undoubtedly the best dancer in the BTS band, J-Hope has made a name for himself on the dancefloor. Prior to joining BTS, he was a member of the dance troupe Neuron where he won multiple competitions. With this slick dance moves you might be fooled into thinking he can’t sing, but don’t for a second think he treats his music or his style as second place.
RM came up through Korea’s underground rap scene, becoming the first member of the BTS band in 2010. Rap Monster taught himself English by watching Friends. He was the first member of the group, as such, he takes on the role of the group leader. Although he’s the ‘leader’, he doesn’t make decisions for the BTS band on his own. The band usually makes decisions in a democratic fashion, with a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors. This method of decision making extends to his outfits, where he will pair unique pieces that otherwise might never find a place together.
Well known for his dancing and innocent look, some say Jimin was born this way. Jimin is another one of the bands best dancers and he has manufactured a successful solo career with tracks such as “lie” and “serendipity”. As a part-time philanthropist, he regularly gives back to his home town of Busan.
If you want to become a K-pop superstar looks are everything. Members of the BTS band think V is “really cute” but note he “acts like a brat”, we think that’s just his persona kicking in. V has always been into music, he began playing the saxophone at school. Today, V has cemented a strong solo career with tracks like ‘Scenery’ racking up over 60 million listens on the bands streaming pages.
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