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How Much Would You Pay For a Bespoke Hermes Fishing Set?

What is it that you really want? That one thing that you’ve dreamed of since you were a kid; that object that you would snatch up without a moment’s hesitation regardless of price if you ever saw it on a store shelf? If only someone could make that thing for you, your life would be complete. That’s exactly what Hermes Bespoke Objects does. Whether it’s the ultimate fishing road, a hammock, a bag, a suit, a jacket, a surfboard, or the interior of your private jet, Hermes can bring your vision to life.

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“Hermes objects pay no heed to convention but every attention to usage, and never forget the creative power of imagination,” says the Hermes website. “The dream becomes the enchantment of a moment, the joy of a journey, a companion for life.” Originally founded in 1837, when they began manufacturing harnesses and saddles for customers, Hermes has been making bespoke objects ever since. They employ a team of artistic directors, craftsmen, master tailors, designers, and engineers. This team comes together to create the plan for making a dream a reality. They chose the best materials—not just for the job for overall—and then develop a prototype before sending the object into production.

Hemes Bespoke Objects

“We are about craftsmanship and exploring the unexpected; never a show of wealth,” explains Axel de Beaufort, the head of Hermes’ Le Sur Mesure division, a specialty workshop based in Paris. “Functionality is the most important thing, but fanstasy is important, too. An Hermes piece is made to accompany you through life.” Beaufort continues, stating, “Whether it’s a bag or the inside of a car, we always try to create a sense of something personal, and that is the most challenging thing: to create a story behind an object. If an object engenders an emotional response, that object is an achievement.” So regardless of what your dream is, you can find it, or at least get it made, with Hermes Bespoke Objects.

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Hemes Bespoke Objects skateboard

Hemes Bespoke Objects case

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