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Tips on How to Dress Like Travis Scott

Over the years La Flame has single handily made the flannel t-shirt a style staple. While his vintage aesthetic is certainly cemented at by now, it’s his ability to rock contemporary numbers from the likes of Needles, Gosha, and Natasha Zinko. If you’re looking to turn up with the Travis Scott flannel look locked, do your due diligence and layer a graphic tee underneath. For trousers, it’s completely up to you, but Travis would certainly recommend a pair with ump-teen pockets. Mr Lit loves to rock flannels from the likes of Raf Simons, Needles, Gosha Rubchinsky, Undercover, Natasha Zinko.

La Flamin’ Flannels

Trav takes a page out of his contemporary, Mr West’s, book when it comes to earth tones. Kayne has made a living off selling shades of brown, green and black and the 90210 rapper looks to do the same. For the average styler, earth tones can be easily achieved with some simple oversized tees. Alternatively, you can turn things all the way to the max with Stone Island cargos, a white Visvim shirt, and some ‘Stussy’ Nike Dunks. Ultimately, to get to Mr Lit’s level, you’ll need to dress your Lamborghini Aventador SV and Range Rover Sport in similar garms.

Co-Ordinate Earth Tones

In the eyes of Travis Scott, the best type of outerwear is a jacket that simply doesn’t fit. Which is lit, if you’ve got the budget to flex a $40k down Louis Vuitton puffer. If you want a word of advice from us, we recommend rocking one size up at most. That is unless of course, you’ve got the big kahunas for a Dior or LV silhouette. For a good well and truly over-fitted fit we recommend looking at logo based designer outwear from the likes of Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Dior, and Undercover.

Oversized Coats and Jackets

La Flame has pulled out some of the rarest and absurdly expensive sneakers in the game. Unfortunately, we’ve never had the chance to see inside the collection, but thankfully, he’s got no issue putting the rarest sneakers in the world on foot. While his sneakerhead legitimacy is regularly questioned, one could easily argue Trav might have the most influence in the sneaker game.  “For the next generation of consumer, he has a tremendous influence,” StockX CEO Scott Cutler told Forbes.

Pull out ALL the sneakers

Trav loves pulling out the lesser-known brands from Japan. Well, they were lesser-known before he put them on. He’s found “swag in Tokyo” from some of the most influential artists and designers, including Nigo and Takashi Murakami. As such, his style has shifted to incorporate patchwork and cut and sew pieces. The move presents a blessing and a curse for the fashion savvy. Whenever Travis puts together an outfit, literally everything he wears sells out. If you’re looking to get these Japanese garms most brands can be found online through the likes of Farfetch. Do you want some rarer pieces? Well, you’ll have to travel to Japan for that. Unless of course, you’re best friends with Nigo. Looks for brands such as Visvim, Kapital, Needles, Junya Watanabe, and Engineered Garments for a start.

Japanese Over Everything

The rapper loves super-rare vintage tees, and if we’ve learnt one thing, you simply don’t go and buy these pieces. To understand how rare these pieces are, take one look at the price. A 1980s Akira t-shirt printed on a ‘Fashion Victim’ blank will likely set you back upwards of AU$1000. Flame has an entire wardrobe of vintage t-shirts, and he loves to pair them with skinny jeans, fitted tracksuit pants and Rick Owens sweats. To finish off the Travis Scott vintage outfit, you can rock a pair of Style Guide: How to Dress Like Donald Glover or something a little more pricey such as the rappers own Jordan 1.

Vogue Vintage Flair

Mr Maison Margiela blunts, Louboutin double cups are always going to be wearing the “highest in the room”. Trav doesn’t just wear high fashion he lives it. The “high fashion” rapper will occasionally pull out some of the rarest and most expensive garments in existence. He finesses high fashion, he’s able to expertly pair rare pieces that cease to flaunt logos and tags. This form of curation is at the upper echelons of style, you show those who know, and interest those who don’t. Take this Celine Silk Shirt from S/S 2011, this runway shirt is so rare it lacks a care tag.

Finesse High Fashion

5 Best Travis Scott Outfits of All Time

Without a doubt the most iconic outfit we’ve ever seen Travis wear. It also happens to be the most expensive. Here he sits courtside at a Houston Rockets game wearing his ultra-rare Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Flyback Chronograph. How much you ask? Try $340k+, and that’s not all. La Flame connects the dots and pairs the Richey with the most expensive pair of Nike’s money can buy, the Paris Dunk SB.

1. Courtside Wearing a House

A great example of Travis’ Japanese influence. The Undercover flannel sits perfectly on top of the vintage Ralph cargos. A relatively normal outfit until you consider the Friends and Family Jordan 4 ‘Mocha’.

2. Foreman of Flannel

Travis steps out in something a little sharper and still manages to pull off one of his cleanest looks to date. Prada, Rick, Rick and his own Jordans. That’s all that needs to be said when it comes to this Travis Scott outfit.

3. Movie Premiere Magnate

The best example of the influence Travis has on the sneaker game. He has the chance to model one of the most talked-about sneaker releases of the last decade. The Dior x Jordan 1.

4. The Debonair of Dior

This is what happens when you mix every one of Travis Scott’s style tips, you get the Staples Center Sensation. We’ve got a big jacket, Japanese labels, rare sneakers, even the earth tones.

5. Staples Center Sensation

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