12 Days of Christmas – Day 4 Logitech Harmony Elite Remote

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Logitech’s new Harmony Elite Remote has one simple goal: to be the centerpiece of the modern home. More than just a television remote, this device is capable of connecting to some 270,000 devices, essentially integrating itself throughout your entire pad. You can control your TV, music, lights, or whatever else is connected in your home. While many of us don’t have the necessary devices yet, we all know someone who does, and this can be a great gift idea for your futuristic friend.

logitech remote and phone

This remote may be the strongest marriage of form and function on the market to date. The device comes in a sleek black design with a full color touch screen, featuring activities you can curate such as “cocktail music” or “watch a movie”. And indeed, the functionality is where it earns its high price tag. It’s not just a remote, as the full package includes the Harmony Hub and an app. Through the 3.9oz Hub, the remote sends signals to up to 15 devices, ranging from your Apple TV to your Nest and everything in between. The Harmony supports Wifi, Bluetooth and infrared to connect to devices from the 6000+ brands that it works with.

logitech smart remotes

Logitech has long been at the forefront of smart remotes, but with the Harmony Elite, they are making their strongest play yet into the future of the connected home. If you know anyone with a future-proof home, this remote is the perfect gift – assuming the solid price tag doesn’t scare you away.

Logitech Harmony Elite