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FUJIFILM X100VI review | Image: Supplied

Fujifilm X100VI Review: Does the Internet’s Favourite Camera Live Up to the Hype?

For more than a decade, photographers of all persuasions, from amateurs to professionals, have revered the FUJIFILM X100 series for its simplicity, image quality, and retro charm. For many (including me), the camera’s fixed 35mm lens and compact design have made it the perfect companion for travel or day-to-day use Earlier this year, FUJIFILM launched its most recent iteration in the popular X100 series, the FUJIFILM X100VI.

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FUJIFILM X100VI | Image: Supplied

I own an original X100 – one of my all-time, trusty favourites in my collection. Getting the opportunity to get hands-on with the new X100VI felt like catching up with an old friend (who’s had one impressive glow-up) and picking right up where we left off. Amid all its new and flashy features and upgrades, it was nice to see some things stay true to the familiar design. 

Humble Beginnings to Cult Favourite

Back in 2011, while we were still posting obscure, heavily filtered photos of our coffee on a new app called Instagram, FUJIFILM launched the Fine Pix X100 as the first model in the X100 Series. Since then, the X100 Series has established a unique position and even a cult following for its trendsetting Hybrid Viewfinder, sophisticated yet nostalgic design, intuitive operability, and high image quality with unique colour reproduction. It’s become beloved by a wide range of photographers from professionals, down to the passionate enthusiast. 

In recent years, thanks to TikTok and the COVID-19 pandemic driving everyone to find a new creative hobby, the X100 camera series found itself in a new wave of popularity. A boom of TikTok reviews sparked a new generation of content creators, influencers and novice photographers discovering their newest favourite camera, which at the time was the Fujifilm X100V. By 2022, the camera’s order volume had become so massive that Fujifilm temporarily suspended all new orders so it could restock parts.

To put it in perspective, the X100VI is the sixth-generation model in the X100 Series. While maintaining the popular design and compact size fans have come to love, the X100VI is packed full of impressive new features. 

Image: Supplied

What’s New in the Fujifilm X100 VI?

In its most recent rendition, the Fujifilm X100VI has significantly addressed many of the shortcomings in its earlier versions. Here’s everything that’s new:

  • A new 40-megapixel sensor
  • New processor and AF system
  • SIX STOP in-body image stabilisation
  • New 4:3 and 5:4 aspect rations
  • 6K Video capability

Notably, the new iteration boasts a larger and swifter sensor, inheriting the impressive 440.2-megapixel X-Trans CMOS 5 HR sensor initially introduced in the Fujifilm X-H2 flagship interchangeable-lens camera. To put it simply, it’s the best resolution attainable for any APS-C sensor currently available on the market. The latest X Processor 5 equips the new camera, doubling the processing speed compared to its predecessor, the X100V, resulting in an across-the-board acceleration in performance.

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Image: Supplied

Despite the heightened megapixel count, the 40MP sensor delivers commendable performance particularly in terms of high ISO capabilities, with 6,400 ISO proving to be genuinely usable. Improvements are also evident in dynamic range, startup time, and battery longevity. Additionally, users will appreciate the inclusion of a flip-out LCD screen that offers an extra 15-degree tilt range.

Additionally, the X100VI can now save images in HEIF format, in addition to the traditional JPG. The newer file format offers better compression with less loss of quality, which means more efficient storage without sacrificing image detail. 

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Image: Supplied

New Film Simulations

What X100 series fans have come to embrace and love is the camera’s capability for film simulation. The X100VI comes with a total of 20 Film Simulation modes, including the new “REALA ACE” mode, to give images a diverse range of distinctive tones. “REALA ACE” mode offers true-to-life colour reproduction and high-contrast tonality, making it suitable for any subject and situation.

X100VI incorporates an impressive autofocus prediction algorithm for reliable focusing even when recording continuously moving subjects. X100VI uses X-Processor 5’s subject detection AF to accurately track a range of subjects. Built using deep-learning AI technology, it detects animals, birds, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, aeroplanes, trains, insects, and drones.

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Image: Supplied

What Stayed the Same? 

As well as a suite of new features, the FUJIFILM X100VI also continues a long and successful legacy in its charming retro design. All the buttons and function keys are pretty much still in the same positions as previous iterations and it’s almost the same size as its predecessor, the X100V. The robust body is built to last and retains the same compact, lightweight characteristics that many photographers have found to be perfect for discreet and unobtrusive shooting on the move.

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Image: Supplied

Limited Edition Model 

To celebrate Fujifilm’s 90th anniversary year in 2024, a Limited Edition X100VI will be released in a limited number of 1,934 units worldwide. Each limited edition unit features a unique serial number and is packaged in a special box that includes a special strap, soft release button, and history cards. The camera body is engraved with the corporate brand logo from Fujifilm’s founding in 1934, along with a unique serial number, so it’s one truly for the fans. Best of luck trying to get your hands on one though!

Fujifilm X100VI Price

Product nameRRP (including GST)
Fujifilm X100VI$2,899
Fujifilm X100VI Limited Edition$3,499

The Verdict

For anyone who has owned an X100 series camera before, the X100VI almost feels like coming home to your childhood home where you recognise every room and doorway, but it has since been renovated and fitted with some top-of-the-range upgrades. That being said, if you’re happy to part with up to $3,499 for a 35mm fixed lens camera, it’s certainly a great investment.

Premium compact cameras are few and far between, and this one certainly nails the quality when it comes to functionality and image quality. One note to highlight is that if you’re looking for a camera for primary video use, the X100VI might not the be one for you. While its video capabilities have certainly come a long way from its predecessors, it remains quite modest and not its strongest point. But that’s being nit-picky. Overall, the Fujifilm X100VI is a superb premium compact camera and I can understand why a little digital camera has its own cult following and fan club. I would know, I’m well in it.

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