Redbull racing simulator

$186,000 Red Bull F1 Racing Simulator Will Have You Fighting for Pole

Memento Exclusives (F1 Authentics) has collaborated with the Championship-winning Oracle Red Bull Racing team to create a full-size RB18 Formula 1 racing simulator. Priced at $186,000 AUD (99,999.00 GBP), the simulators are NOT the same as the ones used by the drivers themselves, although F1 authentic says they’re “very similar,” with each simulator CAD designed and developed using composite tooling to create patterns which are then turned into carbon fibre moulds via an autoclave.

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Redbull racing simulator in use

Red Bull RB18 Racing Simulator | Image: F1 Authentics

Just days after reigning F1 Champion Max Verstappen revealed his best friend on the grid, fans have been given the chance to jump behind the wheel of an F1 car, well, half of an F1 car. The 2022 Oracle Red Bull RB18 Show Car Simulator seen here is the ‘Championship Edition’ that adds a show car nose and front wing assembly, bringing the car closer to the real thing.

Hardware features include curved AOC gaming screens and speakers, while surround sound is provided by Z906 Ultimate THX. There’s no mention of brands when it comes to pedals or steering, which are the two most important features of any racing simulator.

Those looking to save a few dollars can opt for the ‘Race Edition’ of the 2022 Oracle Red Bull RB18 Show Car Simulator that’s priced at $139,625 AUD and loses the front aero for packaging reasons. F1 Authentics is also offering a standard Playseat Formula Red Bull Racing seat that’s more reasonably priced at $1,953 AUD alongside a $2,791 AUD Official Replica Halo.

Neither of the simulators includes shipping, and estimates say shipping could cost upwards of $30,000 AUD to ship the simulator to Australia. That being said, if you have space to put half a Formula 1 car in your house, you probably don’t think about how much something costs.

The only choice you’ll have to make is between Max Verstappen’s Championship-winning livery or Sergio Pérez’s livery from the season. You know here we stand on the matter, Lewis Hamilton.

Check out the Red Bull RB18 racing simulator

Redbull racing simulator back

Red Bull RB18 Racing Simulator | Image: F1 Authentics

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Redbull racing simulator steering wheel

Red Bull RB18 Racing Simulator | Image: F1 Authentics

Redbull racing simulator plaque

Red Bull RB18 Racing Simulator | Image: F1 Authentics

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