Photographer Spends 21 Years Finding Original Locations of Vintage Vinyl Covers

Photographer Alex Bartsch spent 10 years tracking down the original locations of vinyl covers and then reshooting those locations. From his early childhood, Bartsch was a fan of reggae. His first introduction was to the iconic music of the legendary Bob Marley. That love of music inspired him to search London for the original locations of the most famous reggae vinyl covers from 1967 to 1987. Barsch’s book chronicles that journey with photographs of 42 different covers.

original locations of Vinyl covers

Such a quest was not an easy undertaking. Bartsch notes that while some record sleeves provided details of where the original image was taken, many did not provide any clues at all. Adding to the challenge was the passage of time. Some locations had changed hardly at all. Others were still recognizable to some degree. But some had disappeared altogether, having given in for the march of progress and becoming supermarkets, apartment complexes, and more.

locations vinyl covers

Still, the photographs that Bartsch was able to take was an interesting look at time and how somethings stay the same—be that the music recorded in the albums, or the locations for the album cover.

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tracking down original location vinyl covers

original locations vinyl covers tracked photographers

photographers tracked vinyl covers locations

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