Larry David Narrates F***, Now There are Two of You

Adam Mansbach helped a generation figure out how to get their kids to sleep—finally—with Go the F*** to Sleep. Of course, it helped that the irreverent book as narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. It also helped the Mansbach put into words what all struggling parents are feeling. Now he’s back with a second profane and candid look at being a parent. In F***, Now There Are Two of You, Mansbach gives the world “a loving monologue about the new addition to the family.” Much like the first book found a popular voice, the second also has a newly announced narrator—Larry David. “As the second-born child, I’m sure my parents experienced feelings similar to those of the narrator in this book,” David said. “Is it any wonder I’m so f***ed up?”

David, who is best known for his work on Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, has built a reputation on his satirical and dark-humored perspective—which lends itself perfectly to this book. The book takes a look at what it takes to be a parent of two children, and, much like the first book, is laced with the f-bomb. David is himself the parent of two, and no doubt can empathize with the characters in the book.

F***, Now There Are Two of You continues Mansbach’s works, which he does in partnership with illustrator Owen Brozman. Along with Go the F*** to Sleep, the pair also wrote You Have to F***ing Eat. The books are filled with keen insights, such as this gem from the new book: “I have wonderful news for you, darling. A little brother or sister is coming—what fun! As for me, my life’s pretty much f***ed now because two’s a million more kids than one.” The book publishes October 1, and is available for pre-order.

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