Studio 54 Gives an Intimate Look Into A Once-Legendary Nightclub

Studio 54 was one of the most prestigious nightclubs in New York City. From 1977 to 1980, the celebrity hotspot was host to some of the wildest parties and primal hedonism anywhere in the world. A never-ending party of sex, drugs and rock and roll, it was also ultra-exclusive with some of the hottest stars on the guest list. People like Donald Trump, Andy Warhol, Michael Jackson, Cher, John Travolta and Calvin Klein regularly frequented Studio 54.

The life of Studio 54 was short. After just three short years, the club was destroyed by greed and vice. In spite of its short lifespan, the NYC hotspot is still one of the most talked about clubs of all time. Now, you can find out what happened inside the famous hotspot in the new book Studio 54, which has just been released. The book, edited by one of the former co-owners of Studio 54, Ian Schrager, reveals the pleasure, people and power inside one of the greatest nightclubs of all time.

legendary studio 54 nightclub inside

Studio 54 features hundreds of photographs from the club, many of which have never been seen before. There are photos of the empty club being set up with cutting-edge light displays. There are also photos and personal quotes from some of the club’s most famous visitors, including Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, David Bowie and more.

Schrager gives readers a first-hand account of what it was like to run the renowned club. He presents a jaw-dropping collection of personal stories about times in the anything-goes club.

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legendary studio 54 nightclub visitors

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