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Black Panther & Captain America are Teaming Up to Fight Nazis in Marvel’s Next Game

Skydance New Media finally lifted the curtain to reveal its upcoming Marvel game at the recent Disney & Marvel Games Showcase at the D23 Expo. Suffice to say, it’s an exciting one. At Disney D23 Expo’s inaugural gaming exhibition, a number of new titles and releases were teased. However, the announcement that turned the most heads was Skydance’s reveal trailer for its yet-to-be-named Marvel game. The project is being led by Amy Hennig, who directed the first three Uncharted games on the PlayStation 3. After a year of radio silence, the studio has treated fans with a captivating new trailer that features not one, not two, but four superheroes in a World War II setting.

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Skydance marvel game 2

Black Panther in ‘Marvels: Avengers’ | Image: Marvel

The new still-unnamed triple-A “narrative-driven, blockbuster action-adventure game” will have four different playable characters that will be accessible in different sections of the game. However, the two superheroes who take centre stage amongst all the anarchy and chaos are Captain America and Black Panther.

The trailer kicks off with a wide shot of World War II-era Paris in the middle of winter, following which we see a deserted street with a car. The camera then teleports us to a room and as it pans over a table, we get a glimpse of a bunch of time-appropriate paraphernalia lying on the table, such as a brochure for Paris, a flyer for a jazz performance, a dairy, and a newspaper. However, things suddenly take a dark turn when the camera glides over a pistol, a hat featuring the Hydra logo, Hydra documents, a dagger, and then, eventually, Captain America’s iconic shield marked by what appear to have been claws. We also get a quick look at the Wakandan king, Black Panther, himself before the camera goes black.

Skydance marvel game 1

Skydance’s unnamed Marvel game | Image: Disney

This new Marvel game will have Captain America (i.e. Steve Rogers), Black Panther (i.e. Azzuri – T’Challa’s grandfather), U.S. soldier and member of the Howling Commandos Gabriel Jones, and head of the Wakandan Spy Network, Nanali, as playable characters, but there won’t be any co-op support as the game is solely being designed as a single-player experience. In an interview with IGN about the game, Hennig stated that “while each character will be distinct, and potentially playable, the game itself will not support co-op,” which seems like a wise decision. A single-player, story-driven Marvel experience with well-fleshed-out characters is a very enticing prospect.

As per the studio, the game will have “intuitive controls and exhilarating second-to-second gameplay that captures the action and excitement of Marvel, inspired by landmark comics, television, and films, as they navigate this all-new globetrotting adventure.” Despite currently having no name or release date, this new Captain America and Black Panther game has certainly piqued our interest.

In the latest press release, Hennig said, “We’re so grateful for all the enthusiasm and support we’ve received from fans, and we’re thrilled to finally unveil a first glimpse of the game during this year’s D23 Expo. Marvel has been an incredible partner throughout the creative process as we develop an original story and build an exciting new team of characters. We hope fans are intrigued by this sneak peek, and we’re excited to share more down the road.”

Skydance marvel game 3

Captain America in ‘Marvels: Avengers’ | Image: Marvel