Lily james as pamela anderson 4

It’s Official: Lily James Looks More Like Pamela Anderson than Pamela Anderson Does

When news broke that a bio-series about the world’s second-most infamous sex tape was being made, we were sceptical. The iconic Pamela Anderson x Tommy Lee flick that made headlines across the globe isn’t exactly ‘family-friendly’, but it turns out the story does lend itself well to the small screen. More importantly, filmmakers Seth Rogan, Evan Goldberg and Craig Gillespie have found their Pam and Tommy and the resemblance is uncanny.

Lily james as pamela anderson

British actress Lily James, best known for her work in Baby Driver and Darkest Hour has visually transformed into the ’90s bombshell, complete with flowing blonde hair and the trademark red Baywatch swimsuit. In the first images released from the set of Pam & Tommy, the 32-year-old looks every bit the screen siren, right down to the slow beach run.

James will star alongside Marvel’s Sebastian Stan, who will play Tommy Lee in the upcoming Hulu series, which despite the story’s adult nature, will take a far more light-hearted approach. Developed by comedy icons Rogan and Goldberg, the series explores how the sex tape came to be and how it fell into the hands of the wrong people. It tells the tale of the whirlwind romance between the television star and the Motley Crue drummer, who married less than a week after meeting in 1995. The infamous sex tape was made during their honeymoon, before being stolen from their home and distributed online.

Sebastian stan as tommy lee

Aside from just developing the project, Seth Rogan is set to star as Rand Gauthier, a former porn actor who became an electrician, and after installing a studio and security system for Lee, stole and released the tape. For the role, Rogan has shaved his iconic beard off, removed his glasses and donned a curly mullet that would make JCVD proud.

Pam & Tommy started filming on April 5 and is expected to premiere on Hulu next year. Until then, here’s hoping for more photo of the team in costume.

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