‘You’re Cargo’: Things Are Looking Grim in the New ‘The Last of Us’ Trailer

HBO Max’s highly anticipated series adaptation of The Last of Us has a new trailer and it looks set to immaculately recreate the juggernaut PlayStation gaming franchise that inspired it when it starts streaming from January 15. That means countless grim conversations about the end of the world, horrific encounters with those unfortunate enough to have been infected by the fungal virus ravaging humanity, and just enough gallows humour to keep those of us watching from throwing ourselves out a window. It really is perfectly positioned to be the feel bad hit of the summer.

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Hbo max the last of us 6

Image: HBO Max

Like the game, the show will follow Joel (played in this adaption by the outstanding Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Jenna Ortega, who played the fierce Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones) as they trek across a USA that’s been brutalised by an infectious pandemic. Life imitates art, eh?

As surrogate father-daughter relationships go, this one looks to follow the well-worn trope that’ll have Joel refusing to get close to Ellie – he tells her she’s nothing more than cargo early on in the trailer – but by the time the series wraps we all know they’ll have grown to see one another as the only family they have left in the world.

Hbo max the last of us 7

Ron Swanson would approve | Image: HBO Max

Before that happens, however, they’ll encounter Nick Offerman (sporting a woodsman aesthetic that would make Ron Swanson very proud), narrowly escape attacks from terrifying mushroom men, and navigate post-apocalyptic landscapes that make for beautiful eye candy, but probably aren’t a whole lot of fun to inhabit.

Whether or not we need another piece of media that reminds us what an ugly place the world can be is a conversation for another time, but at least The Last of Us is looking like an authentic adaptation of its source material, lovingly created by a highly devoted cast and crew. And if we’re feeling a little depressed by the time the 10th episode rolls credits, hopefully the third season of Ted Lasso will have started streaming to pick us back up again.

The Last of Us starts streaming from January 15 on Binge in Australia and HBO Max in the USA. Check out the new trailer above or via the link below.

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The Last of Us Trailer

Image: HBO

Pedro Pascal in HBO's 'The Last of Us' (2023) | Image: HBO Max

Image: HBO Max


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