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New on BINGE Australia in June 2024 | Image: Man of Many

New on BINGE Australia in June 2024

We don’t beat around the bush here in Australia and one of our most popular streaming services is here to prove it. It goes by the name of BINGE and expects viewers to do exactly that as they make their way through all kinds of entertaining movies, shows, sports, and specials. Thanks to an exclusive licensing deal, the streamer brings HBO Max content onto Australian soil along with additional releases so that one may never grow bored again. To BINGE is to binge as the saying might go. Here’s a look at the full release schedule for the month of June, followed by highlights.

Full BINGE Release Schedule – June 2024

From blockbuster new BINGE movies to documentaries and a host of new HBO series to sink your teeth into, June 2024 is promising to be an action-packed month of entertainment. The full BINGE release schedule is available below, detailing all of the different genres and titles to keep an eye out for.

Movies Coming to BINGE in June 2024

  • The Book Of Eli – 1/6/2024
  • The Craft – 1/6/2024
  • Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner – 1/6/2024
  • Aeon Flux – 1/6/2024
  • Oink – 1/6/2024
  • I’ll See You In My Dreams – 1/6/2024
  • Dracula (1979) – 1/6/2024
  • Animal Crackers – 2/6/2024
  • Claire Darling – 2/6/2024
  • Take Me Home Tonight – 2/6/2024
  • Vanity Fair (2004) – 2/6/2024
  • The Replacement Killers – 5/6/2024
  • Uproar – 6/6/2024
  • Am I Ok? – 6/6/2024
  • The Nun II – 6/6/2024
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem – 6/6/2024
  • Honey Boy – 10/6/2024
  • Dumb Money – 10/6/2024
  • Blue Beetle – 13/6/2024
  • The Snow Queen’s Revenge – 14/6/2024
  • Freelance – 17/6/2024
  • Bumblebee – 19/6/2024
  • Anyone But You – 21/6/2024
  • Life (1999) – 22/6/2024
  • Saw X – 28/6/2024
  • Tenor – 29/6/2024
  • The Tasting – 29/6/2024

TV Series Coming to BINGE in June 2024

  • Ren Faire, Season 1 – 3/6/2024
  • Are You Being Served?, Seasons 1 – 10 – 3/6/2024
  • Fractures, Season 1 – 3/6/2024
  • Murder In Sweden, Season 2 – 3/6/2024
  • Ren Faire, Season 1 – 3/6/2024
  • Monk, Seasons 5 – 6 – 3/6/2024
  • Manipulations, Season 1 – 3/6/2024
  • World’s Most Dangerous Road, Season 5 – 3/6/2024
  • The War Is Over, Season 1 – 3/6/2024
  • Below Deck Mediterranean, Season 9 – 4/6/2024
  • Justine Schofield Gourmet France, Season 1 – 4/6/2024
  • James Martin’s Spanish Adventure, Season 1 – 4/6/2024
  • Heathrow, Season 16 – 4/6/2024
  • Emergency, Season 1 – 4/6/2024
  • Dynasties II, Season 1 – 6/6/2024
  • Dynasties II: The Making Of, Season 1 – 6/6/2024
  • Murdered: The Baby On The Beach, Season 1 – 6/6/2024
  • The Playboy Murders, Season 2 – 6/6/2024
  • Ridiculousness, Seasons 30 – 32 – 7/6/2024
  • The First 48, Season 23 – 7/6/2024
  • Say Yes To The Dress: The Big Day, Season 3 – 7/6/2024
  • All American: Homecoming, Season 3 – 11/6/2024
  • Murder My Sweetheart: The Killing Of Dolores McCrea, Season 1 – 11/6/2024
  • Million Pound, Season 4 – 11/6/2024
  • Cold Case Forensics, Season 1 – 11/6/2024
  • Swamp People: Serpent Invasion, Season 4 – 11/6/2024
  • Raised On Dance Moms, Season 1 – 12/6/2024
  • Getting Away With Murder: The Killing Of Mar Gough, Season 1 – 12/6/2024
  • Roux Down The River: The Thames, Season 1 – 14/6/2024
  • House Of The Dragon, Season 2 – 17/6/2024
  • FGirl Island, Season 1 – 17/6/2024
  • Real Housewives Of Cheshire, Season 17 – 18/6/2024
  • The Great Pottery Throw Down, Season 7 – 20/6/2024
  • Nick Knowles Heritage Rescue, Season 2 – 21/6/2024
  • The Heroic Quest Of The Valiant Prince Ivandoe, Season 5 – 25/6/2024
  • Mountain Men: Alaska, Season 1 – 26/6/2024
  • One South: Portrait Of A Psych, Season 1 – 26/6/2024
  • Fred And Rose West’s Secret Murders, Season 1 – 26/6/2024
  • Becoming Ian Brady, Season 1 – 27/6/2024
  • Buddy Valastro’s Cake Dynasty, Season 1 – 28/6/2024
  • Hospital, Season 7 – 28/6/2024
  • Police Strike Force, Season 1 – 28/6/2024
  • Bermuda Triangle: Into Cursed Waters, Season 2 – 28/6/2024
  • Emergency, Season 2 – 28/6/2024

Specials and Documentaries Coming to BINGE in June 2024

  • Secrets Of The Queen’s Coronation – 4/6/2024
  • Charles & The Women Who Could Have Been Queen – 5/6/2024
  • Fergie And Meghan: Inconvenient Royals – 10/6/2024
  • Sam Thompson: Is This ADHD? – 13/6/2024
  • Hannah Einbinder Comedy Show – 13/6/2024

Best New Series on BINGE

The whole reason we come to the streamer in the first place, new BINGE series launches are the stuff of gold. This month, we’ve got a host of new releases and series returns including the long-awaited return of the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon. Strap yourselves in, here are the best new series coming to BINGE this month.

House of the Dragon: Season 2

Release Date: 17 June 2024

As we wait…and wait…and wait…for author George R. R. Martin to wrap up The Winds of Winter, this epic prequel series can certainly help fill the void. Set 200 years before Game of Thrones, it takes us inside the House of Targaryen as Rhaenyra and half-brother Aegon II battle for control over Westeros. The first season delivered plenty of blood, sex, and spectacle and Season 2 will undoubtedly do the same.

Below Deck: Mediterranean

Release Date: 4 June 2024

This Below Deck spin-off follows the crew of a luxury superyacht as they venture to various exotic locations. Season 9 brings viewers aboard the Mustique once again but with a boatload (pun intended) of fresh faces and conflicts. Come for the sweeping Mediterranean views and stay for the interpersonal dramas that any reality TV fan has come to know and love.

Murder is Easy

Release Date: 23 June 2024

A novel by legendary mystery writer Agatha Christie inspired this two-part British serial of the same name. What begins with a chance meeting between a Nigerian attaché (David Jonsson) and an elderly woman (Penelope Wilton) becomes a race against the clock to stop a serial killer from striking again.

Best New Movies on BINGE

This month, BINGE will release a massive amount of new films and licensed highlights to keep you entertained. Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell get saucy in the rom-com Anyone But You, while the tenth (really?) instalment of the Saw franchise threatens to not only jump the shark but torture it with a series of elaborate and increasingly confusing challenges. Here’s a closer look at the best new films on BINGE this month.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Release Date: 31 May 2024

The Five Nights at Freddy’s survival game franchise is so popular that people came out in droves for this underwhelming movie adaptation. It takes place at an abandoned pizzeria and sends a new security guard (Josh Hutcherson) through five hellish night shifts, during which he must contend with deadly animatronic mascots.

Anyone But You

Release Date: 21 June 2024

This surprise blockbuster puts a playful spin on the modern rom-com and capitalizes on the natural chemistry between its two lead stars (Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell). The story kicks off with a hot date that turns cold when Bea (Sweeney) overhears Ben (Powell) talking smack behind her back. When the same pair end up at the same wedding, they pretend to be a couple to comedic results.

Saw X

Release Date: 21 June 2024

The 10th instalment of the gruesome Saw franchise was hailed by critics and audiences as a return to form. It takes place between the first two films and follows Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) to Mexico in the hope of finding a cure for his cancer. When he discovers a fraudulent medical scheme instead, our sadistic protagonist gets back to doing what he does best. Here comes the pain!

Am I Ok?

Release Date: 6 June 2024

Comedian Tig Notaro co-directed this compelling dramedy, which premiered at Sundance in 2022 and will finally be available to stream. Dakota Johnson plays a woman named Lucy, who embarks on a journey of self-discovery after she realizes that she’s a lesbian. To navigate a brave new world of dating, she enlists the help of her lifelong best friend Jane (Sonoya Mizuno).

New BINGE Documentaries

After dropping a number of docuseries and documentaries over the past few months, BINGE is back at it again. Here are the best new BINGE documentary releases to land in June 2024.

Fallen Idols: Nick and Aaron Carter

Release Date: 8 June 2024

Nick and Aaron Carter’s legacy is so heavily shrouded in controversy and strife that it’s hard to remember a time when the siblings were anything but fallen idols. This new docuseries explores their ascent up the ladder of fame before diving into their darker years of drug abuse, family drama, sexual assault allegations, and death.

Things to Consider for BINGE

If you are looking to up your streaming game with a little help from BINGE, there are a few things to consider beforehand. From pricing and subscription to exclusivity and cancellation, here are the need-to-know facts about the streaming service.


BINGE has two membership options; the Basic package costs AUD$10 per month, which grants you one stream at a time, while the Premium membership costs AUD$18 per month and allows for four simultaneous streams. While BINGE falls under the same Streamotion umbrella company as Kayo Sports, BINGE, Kayo and news platform Flash all operate as separate products, meaning that you will be billed per membership.


The biggest benefit of having a BINGE subscription is access to all the latest HBO and Max series, streaming same day as our U.S. counterparts. Due to this, BINGE is the only place you’ll be able to find blockbuster shows like House of the Dragon and The Last of Us.


To cancel your BINGE subscription, select the account profile icon in the top-right corner. From there, choose Subscriptions – you’ll see a list of all your active and expired subscriptions. Select the BINGE app and follow the Cancel Subscription prompts.

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