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Australia’s Most Controversial Rap Crew ‘ONEFOUR’ Cop Explosive Netflix Documentary

Who wants war with Sydney’s realest? Not us, but you best believe we’ll be tuning in for Netflix’s upcoming documentary about ONEFOUR. The streaming service has linked up with Australia’s most prominent and controversial drill rap crew to trace their meteoric rise in the music scene and their ongoing run-ins with the police. However, as you’ll see in the trailer, the film seems to also delve into a wider discussion about the intersection of crime, violence and freedom of expression Down Under.

Netflix onefour against all odds official trailer 2
Image: Netflix

For the uninitiated, ONEFOUR was started in 2014 by five Mount Druitt locals by the names of YP, Lekks, JM, Spenny and Celly14. They are hailed as the trailblazers of Australian drill music, gaining recognition after a series of viral hits in 2019. Growing up amid the intense gang culture of Western Sydney, their lyrics frequently delve into themes of violence and crime, which has sparked widespread controversy, and consequently, have been a main target of police persecution over the years.

While ONEFOUR has undeniably risen to become one of Australia’s most prominent music acts, their journey has been marred by numerous encounters with the law, with one of their core members, Celly, still currently behind bars.

Netflix onefour against all odds official trailer 3
Image: Netflix

Their troubles with the law reached a boiling point in 2019 when they were reportedly forced to cancel their inaugural national tour due to mounting police pressure on venues. Later that year, in December, three key members of the rap group—YP (Pio Misa), Lekks (Salec Su’a), and Celly (Dahcell Ramos)—found themselves incarcerated. Their charges, including reckless grievous bodily harm, stemmed from a violent incident at the Carousel Inn in Rooty Hill in July 2018.

Accustomed to being in the spotlight through mainstream media coverage, OneFour is gearing up to take control of its narrative in the upcoming Netflix doco, aptly titled ONEFOUR: Against All Odds.

Netflix onefour against all odds official trailer 4
Image: Netflix

Directed by Gabriel Gasparinatos, the film features members of the music group as well as culturally significant figures in the Australian rap game. Furthermore, the producers interview friends and family associated with the boys, which should provide an in-depth and behind-the-scenes look at their early years and home life.

The official synopsis gives a snapshot of what to expect from the film, reading, “A group of Sydney-based, Pacific Islanders start recording drill raps to avoid a life of crime. Two years into their meteoric rise, a police task force shuts down their sold-out national tour due to concerns that the group’s music will incite violence.”

ONEFOUR: Against All Odds is scheduled to hit Netflix on October 26, 2023.