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Squid Game Slot Machines

Bet Your Life with Historic ‘Squid Game’ Slot Machines Coming in 2024

The Squid Game franchise is rapidly expanding. Season 2 of the Netflix phenomenon is in the works, and a reality TV series spinoff is dropping next month. But the question remains: what about the fans who enjoy a punt? Well, they’ve got that covered, too. Highly innovative Squid Game slot machines will be hitting casino floors in 2024, so you can bet your life away just like the contestants on the show.

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Squid Game Slot Machines
Image: Light & Wonder

Variety broke the story, saying this is the streamer’s first consumer-products licensing deal in the gambling industry. Built by gaming company Light & Wonder, it will feature several iconic challenges from the show, like Red Light, Green Light; Tug of War; and the Glass Tile. The Squid Machine slot machine will have a top prize starting at between USD$200,000 and USD$400,000.

As for its build, the slot machine looks like an absolute delight to the dopamine levels. The game comes in the company’s Horizon large-screen jumbo cabinet, featuring a 75-inch screen with 600,000 individual micro-LED pixels. It also has a 27-inch touch screen, a mobile charger and dual play buttons to fully immerse yourself for hours. Doesn’t sound dangerous at all, right?

Aristocrat's NFL-themed slots
Aristocrat’s NFL-themed slots | Image: Aristocrat

Contessa Brewers from CNBC pointed out that TV-branded slots, while not a new concept (think of shows like Wheel of Fortune), have evolved with deals like this. A noteworthy example is the collaboration between competitor Aristocrat and the NFL, where branded slot machines have become a game-changer.

Brewers notes that their ability to draw in a younger audience to slot machines, a demographic traditionally dominated by older generations, makes these partnerships transformative. Since slot revenue constitutes the largest portion of casino revenues, these developments signify a significant shift in the industry landscape.

Light and Wonder CEO Matt Wilson said this is “not just about taking IP and slapping it on a slot machine.” He continued, saying, “You have to do it eloquently that will draw the players in and have them experiencing something similar to the original IP in the way that was designed.”

The entertainment publication also notes that Netflix will launch another immersive experience called Squid Game: The Trials. Opening in Los Angeles on December 6, players can put their survival skills to the test with six challenges across 70 minutes. You can grab tickets below.

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