100 of the Choicest YouTube Videos of All-Time

For 13 years now, YouTube has been the essential tool for the committed creator, part-time procrastinator and everyone in between. With 400 hours of content uploaded every minute, you can be sure YouTube has immortalised some pretty incredible and unashamedly ridiculous videos. With this in mind, Thrillist has gone ahead and ranked the greatest 100 videos of all-time.

Now before you all say this is just a lazy list of the most watched videos on the web, Thrillist has analysed each video to guarantee that it meets the requirements of a Great video. By steering clear of music videos, web-series, tutorials and other generic videos the Top 100 is a nostalgic journey down YouTube’s viral video hall of fame.

We’ve scoured the list ourselves and come up with Man of Many’s picks for Top 10. Whether you remember the videos or have been actively trying to forget the more cringe-worthy ones, let us know below in the comments.

I Can’t Believe You’ve Done This

The name says it all. It’s 11 seconds of your life you won’t ever get back. Coming in at #1 on Thrillist’s list.

Best Street Party Ever – Parents Yet To Find Out

The man, the myth, the legend. Hallowed be his name Corey Worthington and his famous glasses. Coming in at #4 on Thrillist’s list.

The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger

The ‘really pretty badass’ Honey Badger shown off in all its glory. I don’t know about you but I’d probably take this style of nature narration over Sir David Attenborough any day. Coming in at #75 on Thrillist’s list.

Daft Hands

Take my word for it… Harder than it looks. Coming in at #67 on Thrillist’s list.

Bowl-Cut Maintenance

The self-titled Illusion (AKA Hamish Patterson) from Northern California on spaceship planet earth, teaches you dudes how to cut a real bowl cut, man. Never forget, “The secret to a bowl cut is to not to f*uckin’ sweat it being straight man, it is what it is… man”. Coming in at #95 on Thrillist’s list.


If you know, you know. Anyway, check out this other vid of the leaked Game of Thrones Final Season Trailer. Coming in at #86 on Thrillist’s list.

Stealing Hearts for Self-Defense

The internet does what it does best by combining these two extremely niche references in this YouTube mashup. Let us know if you get these references. Coming in at #88 on Thrillist’s list.

Have You Ever Had a Dream

A video older than YouTube itself, now immortalised by the magic of memes and the internet. Coming in at #6 on Thrillist’s list.

20th Century Fox Recorder

Sound on. Coming in at #17 on Thrillist’s list.

Charlie Bit My Finger

Is any list complete without it? Coming in at #78 on Thrillist’s list.
Did we leave your favourite off the list? Let us know in the comments.

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