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Hilarious AI Harry Potter Stars in Balenciaga Campaign Spoof

Have you checked out the latest deepfake video with the Harry Potter gang in an 80s-style Balenciaga ad? It’s seriously mind-blowing, with such realistic effects that it’s captured the attention of both Potterheads and fashion enthusiasts alike. Furthermore, it’s birthed similar Balenciaga-themed videos featuring characters from other iconic films such as the Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. If you’re looking for some must-see content this week, this is definitely it. Check it out above.

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“There is no Good or Evil, there is only Balenciaga and those too weak to seek it”, Voldemort (or ‘Balencimort’) tells Harry Potter.

The video that kicked off the viral internet sensation, dubbed “Harry Potter by Balenciaga,” is the brainchild of demonflyingfox on Patreon, and it even features the original deepfaked cast’s voices layered over some sick techno beats. Snape goes from a dusty old professor to a leather jacket-wearing model with a chiselled jaw, while Dumbledore ditches his hat for a dope leather one and some shades. Even Dobby gets the luxury fashion treatment.

“I’m constantly brainstorming which combinations and mash-ups of popular media might work,” demonflyingfox told Dazed. “I quickly realized these have to be as unexpected as possible but still make sense. With his innocent and naive vibe, it worked surprisingly well to put Harry in an adult, cold-world scenario.

AI-generated visuals are all the rage these days, and the trend was underscored by that viral pic of Pope Francis rocking a Balenciaga puffer jacket that fooled pretty much everyone. But that’s not the only AI innovation causing a stir. Just last week, we talked about a YouTuber who used AI to make his voice sound like Kanye West’s.

What’s next for this brave new world of artificial intelligence? The possibilities are both thrilling and a little unnerving, a sentiment shared by none other than Elon Musk. It’s an exciting time to be alive, but we can’t help but wonder where the AI revolution will take us next.

AI Pope Francis Rocking a Puffer Jacket

AI Pope Francis Rocking a Puffer Jacket | Image: Midjourney