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‘Blow Your Mind’ – Man Raps Exactly Like Kanye West Using Artificial Intelligence

Move over Auto-Tune, there’s a new music tech in town and it’s AI-powered.

A video demonstrating the ability of artificial intelligence to mimic the voice of any musician and apply it to any music track has gone viral on Twitter, with certain enthusiasts predicting that this technology has the potential to completely “disrupt” the music industry. Tech influencer Roberto Nickson showed us what’s possible by creating a Kanye West clone, dubbed AI-Kanye, that replaced his voice and spit bars that could easily pass for the real Yeezy. Check it out below because this is the craziest thing we’ve seen in a while.

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In a above video that’s both impressive and a little creepy, Nickson explained how he used AI tools to clone Kanye’s voice and then used it to replace some bars that he rapped himself, saying: “All you have to do is record reference vocals and replace them with a trained model of any musician you like… “I found this Kanye-style beat on YouTube, I wrote eight bars, I’m gonna record them now and then I’m gonna have AI Kanye replace me.”

After spitting some serious rhymes that could easily pass off as a Kanye West original, Nickson played the new AI-generated verse before turning to the camera with a cheeky grin and telling the viewers, “That’s crazy, right? And keep in mind, this is the worst that AI will ever be. In just a few years, basically, every popular musician will have multiple trained models of them.”

Kanye West

Real-life Ye | Image: Getty

Let’s keep it real (or a “buck” as rappers say), AI-Kanye isn’t flawless. Even though the verse is incredibly on point and could trick the average listener (especially after a few beers) into believing it’s the real deal, there are a few moments that might leave die-hard Ye fans scratching their heads, wondering about its authenticity.

But what will the future hold? Will this new technology lead us to a new frontier in music, or will it be abused with malicious intentions? Like Nicksonn went on to say in another tweet, “The possibilities are endless, but so are the dangers.” He added: “These conversations need to be happening at every level of society, to ensure that this technology is deployed ethically and safely, to benefit all of humanity.”

If you want to learn how Nickson crafted this banger, then check out his full tutorial below on Youtube.

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