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Instagram Girls of the Month – December 2019

In the spirit of the holidays, we bring you the gift of eye-popping beauty, better known as our Instagram girls of the month. On each respective feed, you’ll find a seemingly endless array of exotic poses and backdrops. Whether you were naughty or nice won’t make a lick of difference because no wish list in the world will put one of these gorgeous women under your Christmas tree. Alas, Santa can only do so much—the rest is up to you. On with the girls!

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Soon as I hit it, we did it on repeat ?? @houseofcb

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Lacey Madison

When Sydney’s own Lacey isn’t blogging, modelling, or updating her fan page, she’s gramming to over 100k followers. Her skin is the perfect shade of tan and her eyes will stop you in your tracks. Suffice it to say, she does Australia proud.


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Ph: @sergei.kalyagin

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Blackberry Chris

Hailing from Moscow, this bonafide Instagram babe adopts a seductive stare while striking a variety of poses. We pick up a definite pop-culture vibe that falls somewhere between Lana Del Rey and Billie Eilish.


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Excerpt of my daily diary: I REALLY get the point of the whole climate and environment discussion and one of the reasons why I started eating vegan was the impact of animal agriculture on climate change, but every single time I go to the grocery store (and if you either know me in person or read my posts attentively, you know that I go there as often as possible cause somehow it has a very calming influence on me) and put my things on the conveyor belt (in the context it might be obvious what that means but for all my German followers that never heard it before, it’s “Kassenband”, and yes, I had to google it, too;) I realize that I have forgotten to take a jute bag with me, which means that I have to buy one of these paper bags, which are definitely better than plastic bags but still a bad investment if you are, as I am, the lucky owner of hundreds of thousands of jute bags you received as free giveaways at every event you attend. And holy crap, this was ONE sentence, so congratulations if you managed to follow my explanation up to this point… and BTW, if you’re still looking for the CSD outfit of your dreams, go knock on heavens door and check out @jadedldn ?

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Tilda März

The next stop on our global tour is Berlin, Germany, home to the lovely Tilda. Slim, serious, and sensual, this Instagram girl will send a tingle down your spine at the mere arch of her shapely eyebrow.


Emilee MacCormack

Let’s head over to London, where Emilee checks in before embarking on her next trip around the world. Like some other girls on this month’s list, she has some seriously impressive eyebrows, amongst other things.


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Kamila Hansen

Model Kamila Hansen is another gorgeous globe-trotter, so you never know where she’ll pop up next. What we do know is she’ll be looking hot because that’s just how Instagram girls roll.


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