The Mad Hueys 2020 Calendar

The Mad Hueys are back! And this time in a HUGE 400 x 605mm format!

Yes, we are talking about their annual calendar and what is always one of the most insane accompanying videos of the year.

From the boys that love getting up in the morning to say “I’m the maddest Huey in this joint” where no barney, wave, fish, boat, rod, person or party can stop them, their new 2020 calendar is pitched as an absolutely “jaw-dropping” edition.

Inside you’ll see the all-new cast handle beers, drive ‘The Animal’ (we’re not sure what that is) and straddle their ski (again no idea!).

If you want to pick up a copy of the Calendar before they sell out you can do so at the link below. The perfect hanging wall piece to get you through the year ahead.

Buy it here

Videography: Rosie Van
Photography: Rocky Batchelor
Music: They’re Playing My Song – Monatomic