Montblanc Conquers the After Hours With Legend Night Fragrance

No longer content making the world’s finest writing utensils and accessories, Montblanc got into the fragrance game in 2011 with the launch of Montblanc Legend. Bolstered by a distinguished scent and some inspired marketing, the fragrance was a big hit, as was the 2015 follow-up, Montblanc Legend Spirit. Now, the luxury brand is back with yet another olfactory stunner: Montblanc Legend Night. Touting layers of complexity and dimension, the fragrance is aimed squarely at men of the night who achieve more by saying less, letting their eyes, demeanor and pheromones do most of the talking.

montblanc legend night bottle fragrance

Playing expertly with contrasts, Montblanc Legend Night opens with vibrant notes of clary sage, peppermint and spicy cardamom. That’s quickly balanced out by warm, floral and woodsy middle notes of cedar wood and powdered violet. At the base you’ll find a mix of vetiver and patchouli, along with a deeper accord of musk and black vanilla. Conjuring the engaged, but mysterious allure of the Montblanc man, the fragrance metaphorically straddles the line between light and shadow. Accordingly, it comes housed in a bottle of fiery amber colour.

montblanc legend night uses simon clark

Hopping on board to embody the Montblanc man once more is British model Simon Clark. Captured brilliantly by photographer John Balsom, Clark stares directly into the camera for the campaign, exuding bold confidence and unspoken intent. Between his uncompromising stare, innate sense of style and captivating fragrance, the Montblanc man simply owns the night. With Montblanc Legend Night and some solid instincts at your disposal, you might very well do the same.

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