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Oris Big Crown x Cervo Volante is Serious Value for Money

Just because you believe in wisely using resources doesn’t mean you don’t also believe in luxury items. As long as things are sourced responsibly, you should be able to enjoy things like high-quality leather. Swiss watchmaker Oris agrees, and that’s why it is partnering with Cervo Volante on the new Big Crown Pointer Date mechanical watch.

Big crown x cervo volante colors

Image: Oris

Cervo Volante produces sustainable deer leather sourced without breeding or factor farming to produce some of the highest quality leather you’ll ever find. Plus, Cervo Volante also claims that using sustainable deer leather prevents over-fertilisation of meadows and has no climate impact. All of that fits nicely with Oris’s campaign of “Change for the Better.”

So just how is this leather sourced? In Switzerland, each year approximately 15,000 wild red deer are culled in order to keep the population from exploding and to protect certain environments. Rather than letting this resource go to waste, Cervo Volante takes the deer skins to produce hand-crafted leather goods like footwear and accessories. They use traditional vegetable tanning and other low-impact processes.

Big crown x cervo volante back

Image: Oris

And that’s where Oris gets the leather strap for their new 38mm Big Crown Pointer Date watches. Much like the deer, the Big Crown is tied to the Swiss Alps, using the colours of that environment in its own looks. The dial boasts gradient colours reminiscent of the grays, blues, and greens of those mountains. The mechanical movements are made in house and will last for generations, promoting its own sense of sustainability. The indexes, numbers, and hands are all luminous.

The sapphire crystal and case back are also luminous, giving you a view of the automatic winding movement. The straps tie in nicely, coming in dark brown, oak brown, or cognac colours. Each watch is available for CHF1,850 (roughly AUD$2,800)—and the peace of mind that you’re helping preserve this wonderful world for generations to come.

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Big crown x cervo volante front

Image: Oris

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