Archie Rose Fancy Molasses Rum 2019 | Image: Archie Rose

Archie Rose Gets Fancy for Molasses Rum 2019

Rum lovers, prepare your tastebuds for a sensory delight. Sydney Distillery, Archie Rose is launching its latest spirit, known as the Fancy Molasses Rum 2019 – the tenth edition in its esteemed ‘Trials & Exceptions’ series. The distillery’s newest addition pays homage to its Australian roots, having been made from sustainably sourced NSW high-test molasses and crafted by the brand’s exploration and innovation of sugarcane.

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Archie rose fancy molasses rum 2019 1

Archie Rose Fancy Molasses Rum 2019 | Image: Archie Rose

Archie Rose’s Fancy Molasses Rum 2019 is distilled and matured in apera (sherry) casks, creating a wild combination of flavours. Needless to say, your senses will be treated to an adventure from the moment you crack open the bottle until it slides down the hatch. Just imagine a smorgasbord of flavours ranging from gingerbread and sultana to apricot jam and creme anglaise. One thing’s absolutely certain – it’s a far cry from the days when rum was considered a cheap and basic alcoholic option. We’re seeing glimpses of a rum renaissance. And that’s reason enough to celebrate.

The distillery’s latest rum endeavours showcase the capabilities of its newly upscaled Botany facility with a focus on innovation and rum character. The Archie Rose team uses innovative vacuum stills for cold distillation to best capture the delicate, delicious flavours of locally sourced sugarcane.

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Archie Rose Fancy Molasses Rum 2019 | Image: Archie Rose

“It’s an area so infrequently discussed by distillers, but the type of molasses used is a key consideration of rum character. Here we see honey and fudge as light, ethereal characters, not the bolder dense flavours of blackstrap molasses,” says Master Distiller, Dave Withers.

It’s clear that Archie Rose (and other domestic distilleries) are transforming the rum landscape, and that can only be a benefit to all of us, as the end consumers.  So what’s the best way to enjoy this beverage? The gurus at Archie Rose say it’s best sipped on the rocks, or as an Old Fashioned with an orange adjacent garnish. We can’t wait to treat our taste buds to this flavoursome spirit at our next dinner party. You can grab yourself a bottle of Fancy Molasses Rum 2019 for AUD$149.95.

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Archie Rose Fancy Molasses Rum 2019 | Image: Archie Rose