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Best tasmanian whisky distilleries

20 Best Tasmanian Whisky Distilleries

Thanks to Tasmania’s temperate climate and abundance of barley and peat, a thriving whisky scene has sprung to life over the past few decades. To this day, Tasmanian whisky distilleries continue to pop up and churn out some of the best Australian whisky. And while names like Lark Distillery and Sullivans Cove lead the charge when it comes to the best whisky in Tasmania, there’s no shortage of small-batch producers hot on their tail.

It all makes for a genuinely exciting and rewarding industry, which is why more and more people are walking the Tasmanian Whisky Trail each and every year. Should you do the same, you’ll end up tasting some of the world’s best drams, some of which give actual Scotch (i.e. whisky made in Scotland) a run for its money. That’s what the best Tasmanian whisky is all about, folks.

As you can probably guess, the ideal way to experience whisky in Tasmania is to take a distillery tour. Not only will you get the chance to sample the occasional rare dram, but you’ll learn how this wonderful juice gets made in the first place. That said, you don’t need a tour to appreciate the rich taste waiting inside every bottle of delicious Tasmanian Scotch whisky; all you need to know is which bottle to buy.

Enter our list of the best Tasmanian whisky distilleries. Running the full gamut, we leave no quality bottle or brand behind, thereby exploring our favourite spirit to its utmost potential.

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Best Tasmanian Whisky at a Glance

Our list of the best Tasmanian whisky goes like this.

Now we’ve had a look at our favourites, let’s check out the complete list.

Best tasmanian whisky distilleries sullivans cover
Sullivans Cove Distillery | Image: Supplied

1. Sullivans Cove Distillery

No discussion of the best Tasmanian whisky is complete until you land on Sullivans Cove. From its original operation in Hobart to its recent relocation to Cambridge, this epoch-making distillery helped put Australian whisky on the world map and keep it there.

Where to even begin? How about with the American Oak Single Cask, i.e. the first Aussie whisky to be hailed as “Liquid Gold” in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible? Then we have the French Oak Single Cask Tasmanian Whisky, winner of “World’s Best Single Malt” at the 2014 World Whiskies Awards.

These days, Sullivans Cove is still churning out the world’s best Tasmanian Scotch and some of the best whisky in the world, period. It’s the very essence of what Tasmania’s thriving industry is all about.

Address: 1/10 Lamb Pl, Cambridge TAS 7170
Phone: (03) 6248 5399
Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-4pm
Distillery Tours: Daily by appointment from 10am-4pm

Visit Sullivans Cove

Best tasmanian whisky distilleries lark
Lark | Image: Supplied

2. LARK Distillery

More than a frequent award-winner, this Tasmanian whisky distillery basically launched the entire scene. That’s because founder Bill Lark (aka the godfather of Tasmanian whisky) was amongst the first to challenge a local ban on hard liquor, which dated all the way back to 1839. Upon borrowing some barley from Cascade brewery, Lark and his family produced their first batch of Tasmanian whisky in 1992, and history was born.

To this day, Lark Distillery’s single malts are the stuff of legend, hence the loyal following and heaps of acclaim. Your journey for some of the world’s best Tasmanian Scotch could very well start and end here. Did we mention they recently launched a luxury tasting experience on Argyle Street in Hobart?

Address: 14 Davey St, Hobart TAS 7000
Phone: (03) 6231 9088
Hours: Mon-Wed & Sun 12-7pm, Thur-Sat 12-8pm
Distillery Tours: Daily by appointment from 12pm

Visit Lark Distillery

Best tasmanian whisky distilleries overeem
Overeem | Image: Supplied

3. Overeem Whisky

Based in Hobart, this esteemed Tasmanian whisky distillery takes its name from founder Casey Overeem, who distilled his first batch at a relative’s house back in 1980. Over the years that followed, Overeem fine-tuned his craft to spectacular effect. Produced in small batches using the finest ingredients, every single malt is matured in 100-litre French or American Oak casks for a minimum of five years.

Look to the hand-scrawled number on each bottle to see which single cask it came from. These Tasmanian whiskies are highly sought after and with good reason.

Address: 4/30 Patriarch Dr, Huntingfield TAS 7055
Phone: 0418 399 077

Visit Overeem Distillery

Best tasmanian whisky distilleries spring bay
Spring Bay | Image: Supplied

4. Spring Bay Distillery

What do you get when you combine superior Tasmanian barley, expert distillation methods, careful cask selection, and some of the purest water in the world? Spring Bay Distillery whisky, that’s what. Located in lovely Spring Beach, this small-batch operation uses Tasmanian East Coast rainwater when producing its single malts, which deliver robust colour and impeccable flavour. This is Tasmanian Scotch done right.

Sure, you can order a bottle online, but you’re better off visiting the distillery to take in those idyllic surroundings.

Address: 6 Hoods Rd, Spring Beach TAS 7190
Phone: 0418 270 054
Hours: Mon & Fri-Sun 11am-3pm
Distillery Tours: By appointment – more information

Visit Spring Bay Distillery

Best tasmanian whisky distilleries hellyers road distillery
Hellyers Road | Image: Supplied

5. Hellyers Road Distillery

Thanks to a healthy investment of $10 million, a long-running dairy co-operative turned its attention toward Tasmanian Scotch whisky in 1999. Jump ahead to the present day and Hellyers Road continues to craft a small, but delicious range of premium single malts. While the Original 12-Year Single Malt tends to be the fan favourite, expressions such as the Original 15 Year, Slightly Peated 10 Year, and Pinot Noir Finish are no less rewarding.

Upon visiting this whisky distillery in Tasmania, guests will also discover a fully licensed restaurant and fantastic tasting bar, along with epic views of Emu Valley.

Address: 153 Old Surrey Rd, Havenview TAS 7320
Phone: (03) 6433 0439
Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-4:30pm
Distillery Tours: By appointment, 30-40mins, $19.50 per person,

Visit Hellyers Road

Best tasmanian whisky distilleries waubs harbour distillery
Waubs Harbour Distillery | Image: Supplied

6. Waubs Harbour Distillery

When co-founder Tim Polmear asked his brother Rob Polmear (ex-Lark Distillery Head of Production and Overeem Whisky Head Distiller) what the best whisky distillery in Tasmania would look like, the vision for Waubs Harbour Distillery was born. Situated in an old oyster shed on the coast in Bicheno, you’ll find some of our favourite maritime Tasmanian single malt whisky here. But be warned, these bottles fly off the shelves, as most are sold as limited-release specials at the brand’s website linked below.

Address: 42 Waubs Esplanade, Bicheno TAS 7215
Distillery Tours: By appointment only
Tastings: A full tour of the distillery production and bond stores and three whisky tastings in the ocean-view tasting room, $70pp. A guided tasting through three of the recently released whiskies in the ocean-view tasting room, $40pp.

Best tasmanian whisky distilleries callington mill distillery
Callington Mill Distillery | Image: Supplied

7. Callington Mill Distillery

When the Godfather of Australian whisky, Bill Lark, says Callington Mill founder John Ibrahim is “going to help put Tasmanian Whisky on the world map” you know the expectations are sky high. But what John has created is simply described as the ‘Rolls-Royce of Whisky Distilleries’ 1042 meters above sea level at his Oatlands estate. And while the spirits have won a number of awards – including double gold at the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – it’s the tours and hospitality that keep us coming back each time we visit. Choose from a self-guided tour daily or the Serendipity Experience where you can create your own single malt, $300pp.

Address: 6 Mill Ln, Oatlands TAS 7120
Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-4pm
Phone: 0482 509 019
Distillery Tours: Daily 10am-4pm

Best tasmanian whisky distilleries mchenry distillery
McHenrys Distillery | Image: Supplied

8. McHenry Distillery

Perched on the Tasmanian Peninsula, Australia’s southernmost distillery doesn’t stop at whisky. Making deft use of the area’s abundant spring water and maritime climate, McHenry Distillery (formerly known as William McHenry & Sons) also churns out tasty bottles of vodka and the nation’s “finest gin,” according to Australian Gourmet Travel.

It all comes to us from William McHenry, who left his post at a Sydney biotech company to pursue his true passion for crafting quality spirits with his family. Mission: accomplished.

Address: 229 Radnor Rd, Port Arthur TAS 7182
Phone: +61 3 6250 2533
Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-4pm
Distillery Tours: Daily by appointment from 10am-4pm

Visit McHenry Distillery

Best tasmanian whisky distilleries fannys bay whisky distillery
Fannys Bay Whisky Distillery | Image: Supplied

9. Fannys Bay Whisky Distillery

Located on the northern coast of Tasmania, Fannys Bay Distillery has been producing small-batch whisky since 2014. As if putting the local sea breeze in a bottle, each expression imparts a subtle, salty undertone. This distillery is also quite crafty when it comes to maturation, utilising a variety of different barrel types for a rich and flavourful effect. Pulling no punches, a number of releases come in at cask strength. The privilege of tasting these top Tasmanian whiskies isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it.

Address: Tam O’Shanter, 15 Seascape Dr, Lulworth TAS 7252
Phone: 0431 512 006
Hours: Mon & Fri-Sun 9am-5pm
Distillery Tours: Cellar Door is typically open during business hours, but contact in advance to confirm

Visit Fannys Bay

Best tasmanian whisky distilleries hobart whisky
Hobart Whisky | Image: Supplied

10. Hobart Whisky

From the family-owned two-man operation that is Devil’s Distillery comes to the aptly named Hobart Whisky. This celebrated brand flips the bird to convention and believes in releasing products when they’re perfect and not just when they’re ready. This means that each Tasmanian whisky released is unique, craft distilled, and individually cut, with decisions based purely on scent and taste.

Every bottle is individually numbered and labelled and sold until the distillery is out of stock. That means any particular release from Hobart Whisky will never exist again, however, they are constantly producing and preparing products for release. In other words, there’s a chance they’ll have something similar maturing, or in the works, at any given time.

Address: 131 Albert Rd Moonah TAS 7009
Phone: (03) 6165 1116
Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Distillery Tours: Available by pre-arranged appointment through Drink Tasmania

Visit Hobart Whisky

Best tasmanian whisky distilleries old kempton distillery
Old Kempton Distillery | Image: Supplied

11. Old Kempton Distillery

What was formerly Redlands Estate is now Old Kempton Distillery, located about 50 kilometres north of Hobart. Old Kempton produces some of Tassie’s most delicious distilled spirits and liqueurs (and keep an eye open for their shiny new distillery, to be opened next door to their Dysart House property, which will see a return to “paddock to bottle” distilling for the brand.)

The distillery also produces a London Dry-style gin, an apple liqueur, and infused spirits like barley vodka. They’re likewise famed for their Lavender Malt, a liqueur produced from their new make spirit. Throw in a cafe, a colonial setting, distillery tours and tastings at 1:30 pm daily (free if you’re a member of their Whisky Club, AUD$35 for visitors), and you have yourself a must-stop destination on the Tasmanian Whisky Trail.

Address: 26 Main St, Kempton TAS 7030
Phone: (03) 6259 3082
Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-4pm
Distillery Tours: 1:30 pm Daily (excluding public holidays), $35 per person

Visit Old Kempton Distillery

Best tasmanian whisky distilleries cradle mountain whisky'
Cradle Mountain | Image: Supplied

12. Cradle Mountain Whisky

The first batch of Cradle Mountain Whisky was distilled all the way back in 1989, under the name of Darwin Distillery. Name changes and revamps would follow, but the quality and craftsmanship of this commercial operation persist. Meanwhile, that sizable head-start has allowed the brand to keep its whisky in the barrel for a considerable amount of time.

For proof, look no further than Cradle Mountain Single Malt Whisky “Aged 17 Years,” which makes up part of the Tasmanian Australian Heritage Collection. That collection, by the way, is said to be the island’s oldest commercially-produced single malt.

Address: PO Box 69 Legana, 7277 Tasmania
Phone: (03) 9010 5090

Visit Cradle Mountain Whisky

Best tasmanian whisky distilleries corra linn distillery
Corra Linn Distillery | Image: Supplied

13. Corra Linn Distillery

It takes the best Tasmanian ingredients to make the best Tasmanian whisky, which is why Corra Linn Distillery uses local Westminster and Macquarie barley of the highest quality. Thanks to superior mash and crafty ageing techniques, this nascent brand is churning out some exceptional products.

An inaugural single malt balanced sweetness and spice to perfection and quickly sold out, but there’s plenty more where that came from when it comes to this Tasmanian distillery.

Address: 93 Correa Dr, Relbia TAS 7258
Phone: 0418 135 150

Visit Corra Linn Distillery

Best tasmanian whisky distilleries launceston distillery
Launceston Distillery | Image: Supplied

14. Launceston Distillery

Tradition reigns supreme at Launceston Distillery, which uses local barley and pure river water when crafting its output in small batches. The action goes down in Launceston Airport’s Hangar 17, also known as the state’s oldest commercial aviation building. This Tasmanian whisky distillery’s range is quite impressive, running the gamut from affordable single malts to cask strength iterations to limited-edition releases.

Located in: Launceston Airport
287 Evandale Rd, Western Junction TAS 7212
Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-4pm
Phone: (03) 6391 9140
Distillery Tours: By appointment only

Visit Launceston Distillery

Best tasmanian whisky distilleries belgrove distillery
Belgrove Distillery | Image: Supplied

15. Belgrove Distillery

What began as a surplus of grain became Australia’s first and only bespoke rye distillery, which produces a full spectrum of unique expressions. Overseeing the operation is Peter Bignell, whose transition from Kempton farmer to whisky distiller has been relatively seamless and wildly successful.

The rye is grown just metres from Bignell’s bio-fueled distillery, and all the grain is malted on-site. Bottles of acclaimed whisky go out to consumers and any leftover mash goes to Peter’s sheep.

Address: 3121 Midland Hwy, Kempton TAS 7030
Phone: 0409 144 560
Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Distillery Tours: By appointment only

Visit Belgrove Distillery

Best tasmanian whisky distilleries 7k distillery
7K Distillery | Image: Supplied

16. 7K Distillery

One of Tasmania’s newest distilleries is also one of its best. Founded by Tyler Clark, 7K Distillery excels at the innovative approach, leading to a wildly exciting gin program, in particular. Australian whisky is one of Clark’s earliest passions and it’s only a matter of time before his juice leaves the barrel. Speaking of which, you can currently “adopt” a 20L Tasmanian Oak cask (i.e. barrel) in support of Clark’s ongoing efforts.

Address: 2/33 Pearl St, Derwent Park TAS 7009
Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-4pm
Phone: (03) 6292 5011
Distillery Tours: By appointment only

Visit 7K Distillery

Best tasmanian whisky distilleries deviant distillery
Deviant Distillery | Image: Supplied

17. Deviant Distillery

True to its name, Deviant Distillery subverts the entire ageing process by way of modern technology. As such, it claims to craft whisky of the 10-year-old calibre in a mere 10 weeks’ time. One might wonder: are these guys blowing peat smoke or does this single malt Tasmanian Scotch really taste as luscious as its elderly counterparts? Track down a bottle to find out.

Visit Deviant Distillery

Best tasmanian whisky distilleries adam's distillery
Adam’s Distillery | Image: Supplied

18. Adam’s Distillery

After visiting Scotland’s Speyside region with his father, Adam Pinkard developed a passion for single-malt whisky. With help from Fanny Bays head distiller Mathew Cooper, Adam began learning how to turn that passion into action. The next move was to build a distillery of his own with help from his friend, whose name also happened to be Adam.

That brings us to the fittingly named Adams Distillery, which just began releasing its first batches.

Address: 5 Eskleigh Rd, Perth TAS 7300
Hours: Wed-Thur 11am-4pm, Fri-Sun 11am-5pm
Phone: 0447 909 087
Distillery Tours: By appointment only, currently undergoing renovations due to finish in 2022

Visit Adam’s Distillery

Best tasmanian whisky distilleries iron house
Iron House Distillery | Image: Supplied

19. Iron House

Iron House was an established brewery with a problem on its hands: what to do with all that excess wash. Originally intending to sell the wash to Tasmania’s other whisky producers, head brewer Michael “Briggsy” Briggs had a better idea: to launch his own distillery. That brings us to a handful of exceptional brandies and the release of Tasman Single Malt, i.e. the distillery’s first official whisky.

Will it hold up as well as Iron House’s range of coveted beers? You might just have to visit the brand’s epic property in the White Sands Resort to find out.

Address: White Sands Estate, 21554 Tasman Hwy, Four Mile Creek TAS 7215
Phone: (03) 6372 2228
Hours: Wed-Thur 10am-5pm, Fri-Sat 10am-8:30pm, Sun 10am-5pm
Distillery Tours: By appointment only

Visit Iron House

Best tasmanian whisky distilleries nonesuch distillery
Nonesuch Distillery | Image: Supplied

20. Nonesuch Distillery

From a working farm in Tasmania comes this family-run operation, which officially launched in 2015. In that short time, Nonesuch Distillery has made quite a name for itself, becoming one of the best Tasmanian whisky distilleries you can find. After selecting, grinding, and fermenting local grain on-site, the family double distils its whisky in a bespoke copper pot still.

As you can probably guess, the resulting output is preciously limited in supply. It’s also quite distinct and delicious, as are the label’s two signature gins and its sloe malt.

Address: 491 Arthur Hwy, Forcett TAS 7173
Phone: 0408 616 442
Distillery Tours: $20 per person, bookings required.

Visit Nonesuch Distillery

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General FAQs

What is the best Tasmanian whisky?

The best Tasmanian whisky comes to us from distilleries such as Sullivans Cove and Lark’s Distillery. Sullivans Cove French Oak Cask won World’s Best Single Malt at the 2014 World Whiskies Awards.

How many whisky distilleries are there in Tasmania?

According to the most recent count, there are 31 active distilleries in Tasmania, with even more on the way.

What is the best whisky in Australia?

The best whisky in Australia arguably comes from Sullivans Cove. Pick up the brand’s Double Cask Single Malt to start your journey.

How much is Sullivans Cove whisky?

Sullivans Cove whisky is quite hard to come by. Prices can range from US$295 for the Double Cask Single Malt all the way up to US$1700 for the coveted 16-Year French Oak Single Cask.