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Zack Galifianakis

The 40 Funniest Names for a Hangover

Whether it’s the stinging headache that feels like a thousand hot knives behind your retinas, the 3 am kebab sitting just below your epiglottis threatening to make a reappearance, or the fact that any sort of sympathy is nowhere to be found, a hangover is a shitty, shitty time to be alive, and responsible for plenty wishing they bloody well weren’t.

But, as is the case with anything in life that’s less than perfect, irreverence abounds, and the different names for a hangover are many, varied, and often hilarious.

So, pop your sunglasses firmly on your face, slowly sip a Diet Coke (aka The Black Doctor), and please enjoy our list of the best ways to say you’ve got a hangover.

  1. A Bag Full of Arseholes
  2. Brown Bottle Flu
  3. Crappe Diem
  4. Crook as Rookward
  5. Dawn Damage
  6. Dogshit That’s Been Stepped-In Twice
  7. Drunkover
  8. Dying
  9. Feeling Like a Bag of Dicks
  10. Fur-Tongued
  11. Goosed
  12. Got the DTs (Delirium Tremens)
  13. Groggy
  14. Hangin’
  15. Hanging Like a Noose
  16. Head Like a Bag of Chisels
  17. Hungarian
  18. Hungdog Millionaire
  19. Hungsville, Tennessee, Pop. Me
  20. Hurtin’
  21. Kebabstronaut
  22. Like a Boiled Turd
  23. Like Death Warmed Up
  24. Like Something Shane McGowan Just Coughed Up
  25. Needing a Hair of The Dog
  26. Next-Day Denise
  27. On Your Beeriod
  28. PPD (Post-Party Depression)
  29. Reverse Good
  30. Rough as a Bastard
  31. Rougher Than a Badger’s Foreskin
  32. Scraped off a Shoe
  33. Seedy
  34. Sick as a Small Hospital
  35. Stingin’
  36. Suffering the Grog Horrors
  37. Sunday Morning Coming Down
  38. Wine Flu
  39. Wobble Noggin’
  40. Zombied

Think we missed one (or more)? Let us know!

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