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Meta Quest 2 VR Fitness Plays Like a Video Game, Burns Like a Workout

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The world’s foremost SteelSeries Arctis Prime Review: Brilliant Basics platform, Meta Quest 2 turned its attention toward the fitness sector and redefined exercise in the process. This comes as particularly great news for the majority of us who find fitness a chore, providing a new and exciting solution to getting in shape.  With the proliferation of VR fitness apps and games, there comes endless opportunity to turn a typically droll experience into something truly immersive and fun. Get active and stay active as you exercise in exotic locations, conquer realms, crush workouts, and join a larger community of fellow explorers. It’s all just a headset away.

The truth is that standard exercise can become extremely monotonous and repetitive. Indeed, there’s a reason that millions of us have trouble sticking to a regular routine. We try to distract ourselves by watching TV or listening to music, but even these attempts can often run their course over time. Some of us try to play sports with others, but it’s hard to maintain a consistent schedule. And whilst your average coaching app can help you stay motivated, it doesn’t exactly put the fun in fitness. Alternatively, what if there was a way to enjoy your exercise routine as much as your favourite video game? Luckily, Meta Quest 2 has found the solution.

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This is exactly where Meta Quest 2 comes into the picture. Take the popular app Supernatural, for example, which promotes exercise through a series of challenges and puts real-life coaches at your disposal. Along similar lines, the app FitXR allows you to work out with friends in real-time and features new weekly classes in the respective realms of boxing, HIIT, and dance. There’s also Holofit, a membership platform that has you burning calories across a host of virtual terrains, including Paris, Saturn, Underwater, Cyberpunk World, and more.

Do you know what’s even better than exercising on purpose? Exercising by accident, where you’re having so much fun that you don’t even realise you’re getting a workout. It’s in this realm that Meta Quest 2 truly shines, using immersive gaming as a gateway to fitness. In The Thrill of the Fight, you enter a virtual gym and train like an actual boxer before squaring off against a series of increasingly difficult opponents. Over in Dance Central, players stroll into different dance clubs and get down to a propulsive soundtrack. Even acclaimed shooter games like Blaston and Pistol Whip will have you ducking, dodging, weaving, and moving as you blast your way to victory.

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Image: Meta Quest 2

Meta Quest 2’s commitment to fitness comes empowered by the following core principles:

  • Vividly Fun – You don’t need to take anyone’s word for it when you can actually feel the joy and excitement that this VR platform provides.
  • Radiantly Accepting – Meta Quest 2 invites literally everyone to this proverbial party, leaving no potential user behind. If you’re a human being who expects more from fitness, they’re waiting.
  • Vibrantly Playful – Meta Quest 2 is freeing fitness from the banes of the chore and the grind by putting a lively, fun spin on this otherwise serious ritual.
  • Infectiously Moving – Never static and always in motion, these VR games express fun movement without words and provide effortless motivation to move.
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Image: Meta Quest 2

Meet Chesney Mariani

The VR smash Supernatural recently introduced guest coach Chesney Mariani, an active community member who used the app 365 days in a row. Through her journey from athlete to coach, Mariana completely changed her lifestyle and has also uncovered an experience that’s lying in wait for every potential user.

“I hated fitness before Supernatural,” Mariani says. “As much as I tried, I couldn’t stick to anything, and I felt rejected by all the fitness options out there. I didn’t want to go to a gym because I felt judged in that space. Bikes were too expensive for me to afford. I tried walking two to three times a week, and I would wear headphones, but even that started to get boring. No matter how hard I tried, I just kept getting demotivated, and I started to feel like I didn’t even want to move. Then I found Supernatural, and it helped me fall in love with movement. Every day I get into my headset, the endorphins flow through my body, and I just want to do it over and over again. Supernatural gave me a fitness journey I could fall in love with.”

Are you ready to start a journey of your own? A virtual world of activity is waiting and it begins with the purchase of Meta Quest 2. The headset and controls are sold separately, starting at USD$299.00. Welcome to the future of fitness.

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