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14 Best Gifts Under $50 – Cheap & Affordable

Christmas can be a crazy time filled with lots of spending. If you’re looking to save some pennies this Christmas, there are plenty of great gifts under $50 that are bound to keep your friends and family more than satisfied.

OrbitKey Leather Key Organiser
OrbitKey Leather Key Organiser | Image: OrbitKey

OrbitKey Leather Key Organiser

National Geographic is a winner for affordable, unique Christmas gifts, and their key organiser is no exception. If you know someone who is constantly losing their keys, we’re sure this gift will go a long way. -$US43.50

Archery Takedown Bow & Arrow Set
Archery Takedown Bow & Arrow Set | Image: Huntingdoor

Archery Takedown Bow & Arrow Set

Give the gift of excitement this Christmas with the Archery Takedown Bow & Arrow set. The perfect gift for fun-loving adults, this set guarantees hours of fun – just make sure you keep it away from little ones! -AU$59.99

cooked aussies party game
Cooked Aussies Party Game | Image: Cooked Aussies

Cooked Aussies Party Game

The ideal gift for all types of people, on just one condition- you’re Australian! The cooked Aussies party game is perfect for any night spent drinking with mates and will ensure plenty of laughs. -AU$49.95

yeti colster can insulator
Yeti Colster Can Insulator | Image: Yeti

Yeti Colster Can Insulator

Christmas in Australia is usually a hot one, so what better gift than something to use on the day? The Yeti can insulator is perfect for keeping your drinks cool when you’re busy in the outdoors, and its sleek design will work wonders for your street appeal. -US$25

Cocktail Making Classes
Cocktail Making Classes | Image: ClassBento

Cocktail Making Classes

Ever thought about buying an experience for Christmas this year? Class Bento offers a host of different experiences and adventures for you to try, including a selection of 25+ cocktail masterclasses. What’s even better is that every booking, certain amount of proceeds are donated to Dementia Australia. – From AU$55

disaronno liqueur
Disaronno Liqueur | Image: Disaronno

Disaronno Liqueur

Christmas is the time to enjoy as many beverages as we please, and what’s better than Amaretto? This traditional sweet Italian almond flavoured liqueur is the perfect festive drink to gift this Christmas. -AU $57.99

tiege skin care routine for men
Tiege Skin Care Routine for Men | Image: Tiege

Tiege Skin Care Routine for Men

News flash- skincare isn’t just for women, and it’s time men stock up their skincare range. This set by Tiege is a great place to start- with a wash, scrub and moisturiser for both day and night that will smooth, hydrate and protect the skin. -US$30

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Basic Babe Alcoholic Sparkling Water
Basic Babe Alcoholic Sparkling Water | Image: Dan Murphy’s

Basic Babe Alcoholic Sparkling Water

Well and truly enjoy the refreshing taste of summer with Basic Babe’s Watermelon sparkling water! Crisp and delicious, Basic Babe knows what’s up when it comes to delivering fresh, tasty drinks for everyone to enjoy. Check prices in store

yarra valley caviar deluxe gift box
Yarra Valley Caviar Deluxe Gift Box | Image: Yarra Valley Caviar

Yarra Valley Caviar Deluxe Gift Box

If you know a caviar enthusiast, this gift box is perfect for them. The kit comes equipped with two Mother of Pearl spoons and our convenient tin opener, and the beautifully crafted box doubles as a unique serving dish. -AU $45.00

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wooden wine barrel money box
Wooden Wine Barrel Money Box | Image: Vintage World

Wooden Wine Barrel Money Box

Know someone who is saving their pennies? A money box like this wooden wine barrel will be their dream come true! Made from rosewood, detailed with brass and polished to perfection, it will add a little bit of old-school charm to the mundane world of saving money. -AU$88

dr squatch soap
Dr Squatch Soap | Image: Dr Squatch

Dr Squatch Soap

Some men need their own men’s soap- and luckily, Dr Squatch is here to help. They make soap designed for men, filled with the refreshing scents of water, birch and pine. -US$8

mr smith mini balancing duo pack
Mr Smith Mini Balancing Duo Pack | Image: Haute Air

Mr Smith Mini Balancing Duo Pack

Haircare is just as important as hair styling, and gifting the Mr Smith Mini Balancing Duo pack will be appreciated by all. Suitable for all hair types, the pack will leave hair and scalp feeling clean, moisturised and nourished. -AU$25

johnnie walker gold label reserve festive cracker
Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Festive Cracker | Image: Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Festive Cracker

This limited-edition 20cl Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Festive Cracker is an eye-catching statement addition to any drinks collection. Gift this to lovers of blended Scotch and whiskies, and it is bound to make their day. -AU $30

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good dog a collection of portraits
Good Dog: A Collection of Portraits | Image: Rizzoli

Good Dog: A Collection of Portraits

Everyone loves dogs, so getting a collection of dog portraits is a great idea if you’re buying for someone you don’t know too well. Give the gift of doggie-love this festive season. -AU $23.75

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