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Twelve south meet staygo usb c hub

Man of Many’s Staff Favourites – 23 April 2022

It’s finally Saturday and we’re pretty thankful for that. Even though we only spent four days in the office this week, it’s felt like an age since we felt the warm embrace of the weekend. Beers at the ready and alarms set for dawn service, we’re cracking into a seriously stellar couple of days. With that in mind, we’re starting by putting our best foot forward. Here’s Man of Many’s Staff Favourites for this week.

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Twelve south meet staygo usb c hub 1

Image: Twelve South

Twelve South Meet StayGo USB-C Hub

Nick Hall – Editor-in-Chief

I’m a firm believer that a tidy workspace leads to a tidy mind, and while I might not always run a tight ship, I do love a good compartmentalized cable set-up. On that front, the Meet StayGo USB-C Hub from Twelve South is perhaps the biggest and best addition I’ve had for a little while, especially considering the new MacBooks are inherently lacking in port space. From the SD card slot to the USB-A ports, all the way through to the Ethernet connection, there is a big-dog buffet of options here, so I no longer have to unplug my mouse every time I need to charge my phone. How good is that?

Buy it here

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Why Unreal Engine 5 is a Game Changer

Scott Purcell – Co-Founder

I’m not even a gamer and this video was ridiculously impressive to me to watch. Unreal Engine 5 was released this month and it is an absolute game-changer. The computer graphics industry will never be the same with everyone from moviemakers to game developers losing their sh*t. I have no idea how a computer is able to process so much data to create realistic lighting scenarios with Lumen, insanely detailed polygons with Nanite, and yes, Metahumans. Scarily realistic, people! It’s pretty crazy when you look how far graphics have come in the past 10 years. Looking forward to the games that will be built on this infrastructure.

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Red bull matt hall

Image: Red Bull

Matt Hall Racing Joyflight

Frank Arthur – Co-Founder

A few weeks ago went on a joy flight with Matt Hall Racing. This wasn’t just any flight, this adventure was piloted by Royal Australian Air Force ex-fighter pilot and reigning Red Bull Air Race world champion, Matt Hall. We took a 20-minute flight packed with advanced aerobatics. Every turn, tumble and roll was exhilarating. We even pulled 8G’s. As daunting as the flight sounds, Matt and his team are great at ensuring I got the best out of the experience, guiding me through each step and explaining everything along the way. Matt’s cool head and calm temperament kept me at ease and left no doubt that I was in safe hands. To sit in the cockpit and do aerobatics with a fighter jet pilot is once in a lifetime experience and for anyone with that dream, I highly recommend a flight with Matt Hall Racing.

Check it out

Favourite Article of the Week: After a Decade, Michael Jordan Still Can’t Sell his Ultra-Luxury Chicago Mansion

The Outlaws

Denise Barnes – Head of Branded Content

Being stuck in isolation over the last week with COVID, I’ve spent an absurd amount of time watching TV, including a lot of very average movies and shows. So when I discovered The Outlaws (from the creator of The Office) on Amazon Prime Video, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a thriller comedy series that’s managed to balance the laughs and drama aspects of the show quite perfectly, in my opinion. The Outlaws follows the lives of seven lawbreakers from vastly different backgrounds as they serve out their community payback sentences by fixing up a dilapidated building in Bristol, UK. With a lot of twists and turns along the way, the show is refreshing, relatable, funny, thrilling, and most of all entertaining. I am a big fan of the character development and the charming relationships that form along the way. Starring Stephen Merchant, who also created and directed the show, and Christopher Walken, I guarantee you’re in for a real treat. Check out the trailer above.

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5000 bc 1

Image: 5000 BC

5000 BC Boutique Barbershop

Sam Mangioni – Journalist – Entertainment & Culture

I’m a bit of a sleaze when it comes to barbershops, floating from one venue to the next. I’ve had plenty of good haircuts in my time but always think to myself, “Is this the one?” However, I’m happy to announce I’m finally ready to settle down and commit. As soon as I walked into 5000 BC, it was love at first sight. From the monochrome design interior to the warm energy exuding out of owners Jimmy and Tay, I knew this would be a long term affair. Like Man of Many, they offer a luxury service with a down to earth attitude. As trained hairdressers, the owners have melded the concepts of barbering and hairdressing to provide blokes with a haircut that is second to none. I can’t stress how good my experience was and highly recommend booking an appointment.

Check it out

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Protein staff

Image: Protein Republic

Protein Republic Creamy Vanilla Whey Protein

Geena Valos – Account Manager

If you’re like me and in denial that your COVID body of alcohol, pizza, and sitting on the couch is still evidently present, then you’ll be rushing to your nearest Barrys and F45 to get back into shape. There’s also a high chance you’re going to need some extra help with dieting and bulking. Whether you need a meal replacement or something for recovery, Protein Republic has you covered no matter what! Especially when it comes to bloating and taste. Renowned for helping with IBS, Protein Republic’s powder is sourced from raw and Australian ingredients and is vegan friendly, so there’s no excuse! Full of amino acids and quality whey whipped together to create an amazing taste in any flavour, it is hard to believe you’re drinking something that’s good for you. It’s time to get jacked!

Check it out

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Withings sleep tracking mat

Image: Withings

Withings Sleep Tracking Mat

Clelia Niyikiza – Branded Content Assistant

I recently got the Withings sleep tracker and it’s made me realise how valuable that extra tool for the essentials, like sleep, can really be. I initially used the Scan Watch, which is excellent and has helped me track my sleep depth, regularity, interruptions and duration, but since adding on the Sleep tracker, it has gone into depth. Now, I am able to chart my breathing patterns, such as if I was snoring/ the duration, the time it took to sleep and more.

I know you don’t need all these excessive tools, but if you’re like me and eight hours of sleep a night is essential for a solid next day, having a way to get an in-depth look at your sleep pattern can be super beneficial. I can guarantee that the scan watch these past four months and now this sleep tracker has been the motivation I needed to build a habit of getting the perfect night sleep schedule. It essentially works like being in a sleep lap. It shows you where you need improvement because let’s face it, being an adult doesn’t have to mean you’re constantly tired.

Check it out

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Michael caine se

Image: Sonic Editions

Sonic Editions Limited Edition Photography

Rob Edwards – Branded Content Writer

With the daunting task of moving house fast approaching, I’m currently on the lookout for something fresh to adorn my walls so my new place won’t just feel like a slightly rearranged version of my old place. The range of images available at Sonic Editions is right up my alley and this photo of Michael Caine looking very ‘Get Carter’ will be a welcome addition to my new lounge room. With pics of a pantheon of movie icons, rock stars, and sporting heroes as well as classic motors, travel locations and more, I’ll be surprised if Mr Caine is the only Sonic Editions print that finds a home on my wall.

Check it out

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Gracias a dios agave gin

Image: Gracias a Dios

Gracias a Dios Agave Gin

Jacob Osborn – Staff Writer

Developed by students at Oaxaca State University, this hybrid spirit is like the crossover event you didn’t even know you wanted and can’t believe once you take your first sip. Its journey begins with the roasting, crushing, and fermentation of agave piñas, paving the way for a traditional mezcal. After fermentation, the mezcal is macerated with 32 different botanicals and spices (including juniper, passionfruit, green tea, almonds, and more) and then triple-distilled. The resulting flavour profile is surprisingly seamless in its fusion of these two otherwise distinct spirit categories.

Aromas of juniper, dill, and flower come through on the nose, along with subtle traces of citrus peel, black pepper, and agave. But the taste is where the balancing act between these respective spirit worlds truly shines through, blending classic gin notes of juniper and melon with the mezcal’s distinctively sweet and vegetal characteristics. Hints of flower, citrus, and various botanicals hover in the background whilst black pepper and lemon peel kick in at the finish. Whether served neat or used as the base for your next cocktail (see below), this is quite unlike anything we’ve tried before.

As it turns out, infusing mezcal with botanicals and other ingredients is nothing new in Mexico. The most common example goes by the name of pechuga and it typically infuses the mezcal with cinnamon, apple, plums, cloves, and other spices before distilling everything together through raw poultry. We’re fairly certain that the folks at Gracias a Dios didn’t take their spirit to such extremes and for that, we’re probably thankful. On the other hand, who wants to send us a bottle of tasty pechuga?!

Gracias a Dios Agave Gin & Tonic


  • 2 oz. Gracias a Dios Agave Gin
  • Tonic Water
  • 1 Dash Orange Bitters


  1. Stir and serve ingredients over ice.
  2. Top with premium Tonic Water.
  3. Garnish with a lemon slice

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