Away X Star Wars Luggage Takes You to a Galaxy Far Away

Whether you’re traveling in an Imperial Star Cruiser, a Rebel Fighter, or a Smuggler’s Racer, you’ll want to make sure to keep your personal belongings safe with the Away X Star Wars Luggage. Away’s luggage is the perfect carry on, but don’t judge this luggage by its size. It’s been sized up to provide more than ample room for everything you need. The luggage comes with two compartments—one for clothes and the other for shoes, toiletries, or other hard objects. And like any good smuggler’s ship, it comes with a secret compartment—a laundry bag to separate dirty from clean clothes. You can even buckle down the compression pad to add more space.

away x star wars green color luggage

The outer shell of the luggage provides extra shielding for your cargo, using a material that bends under pressure instead of breaking. There’s even a measure of the Force in the carry on with its ejectable battery that is compliant with all airline policies and is TSA approved, and can charge your phone up to five times. Storing the carry on is simple, just nest it inside of your other Away bags. The bag also features a TSA approved lock, and the premium Hinomoto wheels with 360 degree rotation will have you rocketing down terminal hallways.

away x star wars white color luggage

The colour schemes also celebrate popular locations in that galaxy far, far away. From the forest moon of Endor, to the sands of Tatooine and the frozen lands of Hoth, you can choose just the right look for you.

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away x star wars luggage inside view

away x star wars luggage side view


luggage safety away x luggage


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