The Empire Needed this Star Wars AT-AT Tape Dispenser

George Lucas mastered memorable scenes in his movies, creating action sequences and moments that stand out in your memory forever. When AT-ATs (the Imperial Army’s All Terrain Armored Transport) first appeared on the screen, they thrilled audiences, and left them wondering how the plucky Rebels would be able to defeat these giant, mechanical monsters.

When blasters proved ineffective, it was the simple harpoons and tow cables of the Rebels’ snowspeeders that proved the demise of the AT-ATs, literally tripping them up in their steps. If the Empire had any thoughts of salvaging any part of the fallen AT-ATs, then having Hallmark’s resin Star Wars AT-AT Tape Dispenser might have come in handy.

star wars at at tape dispenser

The tape dispenser depicts a fallen AT-AT with a surprising amount of detail. The dispenser is made of resin and houses a roll of clear tape in the main body. You can keep Imperial forces—or just your coworkers—with this dispenser.

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