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Top 8 scandinavian design instagram accounts

Top 8 Scandinavian Design Instagram Accounts

At the heart of Scandinavian design are principles that no one can argue with, namely beauty, affordability, approachability, minimalism and functionality. Needless to say, that makes for some downright addictive Instagram browsing among design enthusiasts. Indeed, the best Scandinavian design Instagram feeds are awash with clean, neutral colours and warm, welcoming vibes. Every layout is purposeful and modern, but never sterile. Every room is one you could move into and call home right away. Check out our Top 9 Scandinavian design Instagram accounts and get inspired.

A Scandinavian living room from above
Scandinavian Homes | Image: Instagram

1. Scandinavian Homes

Think of Scandinavian Homes’ Instagram as an online showroom flaunting sophistication, simplicity and attainability in every frame. Expect to see lots of white and off-white wall colours joined by expertly placed house plants and a brilliant use of empty space. In other words: unfettered minimalism at its finest.

Followers to date: 1,106,988m followers
Number of posts to date: 3,633 posts
Country: Stockholm, Sweden


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Scandinavian living room
Istome | Image: Instagram

2. Istome

Istome (aka Is To Me) is a Scottish husband and wife duo who join their Scandinavian interior design philosophy with a customised approach. That is to say they treat every product in their store as a balancing act between learned aesthetic and a client’s individual taste. The result is a Scandinavian design Instagram account that tells a human story without needing to bring a single person into the frame.

Followers to date: 213,856k followers
Number of posts to date: 4,272 posts
Country: Dunbar, Scotland


Glass doors of a living room
Design Stuff | Image: Techne

3. Design Stuff

Australia’s own Design Stuff wades through legions of Scandinavian and Nordic furniture, homewares and toys to hand-pick the cream of the crop and then offer it to customers. Their curatorial approach equates to an exceptional online store along with an Instagram account overflowing with creativity and personality.

Followers to date: 348,562k followers
Number of posts to date: 1,948 posts
Country: Melbourne, Australia


Black and white bathroom
Simple Form. | Image: Nina Provan

4. Simple Form.

True to its namesake, Simple Form grasps the power of a well-crafted object and is never shy of putting that object front and centre on their Instagram feed. The Melbourne-based store celebrates Scandinavian design one gorgeous picture at a time and keeps it simple, but brilliant throughout.

Followers to date: 243,272k followers
Number of posts to date: 2,616 posts
Country: Melbourne, Australia


Two white sofa chairs in a room in front of fireplace
Scandinavian Collectors | Image: Architectural Digest

5. Scandinavian Collectors

Coming straight from the heart of Stockholm, Scandinavian Collectors makes it their mission to find the best in modern aesthetics from past to present. Consequently, their Instagram is like an online museum of legendary Scandinavian interior design and thereby a stunning visual feast.

Followers to date: 59,242k followers
Number of posts to date: 2,040 posts
Country: Stockholm / Helsinki


Sofa in a living room and a wicker lamp lantern above table
My Scandinavian Home | Image: MyScandinavianHome

6. My Scandinavian Home

This eye-catching Instagram comes to us from the lovely Niki Brantmark, a London gal living in Sweden. When it comes to interior decorating, the My Scandinavian Home Instagram profile run by Niki is a formidable resource who maintains a wildly popular blog in addition to her wildly popular Instagram. Follow along to put yourself squarely in the loop on contemporary Scandi-inspired design.

Followers to date: 357,794k followers
Number of posts to date: 2,217 posts
Country: Sweden


A Scandinavian living room
Scandinavian Interior | Image: HomeAdore

7. Scandinavian Interior

The name pretty much says it all. Scandinavian Interior lets the pictures do the talking and keeps those pictures rolling in on their Instagram. As per the norm, expect lots of clean, welcoming layouts and refreshing white or off-white colours.

Followers to date: 259,196k followers
Number of posts to date: 918 posts
Country: Hamburg, Germany


Large bookshelf on wall
Carl Hansen and Son | Image: Carl Hansen & Søn

8. Carl Hansen and Son

Danish designer and craftsman Carl Hansen is as much an eager enthusiast as he is a legendary creator. Accordingly, his Instagram presents stunning Scandinavian designs from around the world in addition to his latest work. From this point forward, consider yourself in the know.

Followers to date: 219,169k followers
Number of posts to date: 1,289 posts
Country: Denmark; Sweden; United Kingdom; Italy; USA; Japan


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