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2024 hyundai i30 sedan n facelift front end

2024 Hyundai i30 Sedan N Facelift Primed for Australian Launch

Hyundai has rolled out a mid-life update for the i30 Sedan N with a focus on sharpening up its driving experience while also tweaking the design language. The mechanical highlights include a reinforced engine mount membrane for reduced after shake along with G-bushing reinforcement for better yaw response and steering. Elsewhere, there is a new rear suspension S/ABS insulator and returned ESC.

Motorsport DNA has been liberally sprinkled all over the new Hyundai i30 Sedan N courtesy of a new bumper design including a larger air inlet which improves braking performance by allowing air to flow directly towards the brake to cool off the heat generated from braking.

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2024 hyundai i30 sedan n facelift rear end
2024 Hyundai i30 N Sedan | Image: Supplied

The new car is also programmed to run on high-octane petrol while the 2.0T GDi turbo petrol engine still pumps out a healthy 280 PS which sends power to the front wheels via an eight-speed dual-clutch auto or a six-speed manual gearbox. Top speed has now been raised to 280 km/h though and that means it can rub shoulders with some serious performance machinery.

Software updates include improved Electronic Controlled Suspension (ECS) hardware for better body control while the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) software also gets an upgrade and the addition of a thermal protector on the front brake hose.

Cooling and aerodynamics are very important for any performance car and here, the new i30 Sedan N gets a duct-style air guard that guides airflow to improve aerodynamics, fuel efficiency and cooling ability. A larger wing-type spoiler further improves aero for faster corner exits. There is also a new design for the N-brand which debuts here for the first time.

In car
2024 Hyundai i30 N Sedan | Image: Supplied

Interiors continue to sport an N-specific steering wheel and shift knob plus a racier instrument cluster and infotainment system while N light sport bucket seats will hug you around those tight corners at a track.

“N brand has always been inspired by motorsport competition, and now that the i30 Sedan N TCR has proven its advanced technology with a successful race career, the new i30 Sedan N becomes evidence of our commitment to bring motorsport-winning DNA into our road cars for N fans to enjoy,” said Till Wartenberg, vice president and head of N brand and motorsport at Hyundai Motor Company.

We expect an Australia launch by next year while prices could see a marginal hike owing to the upgrades it remains a value-for-money sports sedan which is now the fastest car within the N Brand portfolio. 

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