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Cyber Campers

Designer Creates a Cybertruck Cyber Camper Concept

Recently, Elon Musk tweeted out that Tesla is “working on increasing air suspension travel for better off-roading” on the Cybertruck. Apparently, Musk feels that the Cybertruck “needs to kick butt in Baja.” Musk has also reported that the Cybertruck will be able to cross streams and even float for a short period of time. All that points to the Cybertruck being off-road ready, but getting to your location is only half of the fun. You want to be able to stay as well. One designer has come up with a Cyber Camber that will let you do just that.

cybertruck trailer

Tesla has already announced two add-ons that will let you go camping with the Cybertruck. The first is a tow-behind trailer that shares the same “monoplane” design as the truck. The other is a tent that attaches to the bed of the truck. But what Joeguy07 has envisioned is entirely different. The rendering shows a camper integrated into where the Cybertruck’s bed would be. The lines of the Cybertruck follow through into the camper. A “solo” and a “duo” option were created. Both versions would be capable of securing to the Cybertruck’s vault. That area would provide the sleeping quarters.

“These renders need work but I want something in the vault so there is no need to tow and it can travel almost anywhere,” Joeguy07 said in the Cybertruck Owners forum. “A camper style like this by Tesla or third-party companies would be amazing.” Viewers of the design seem to agree, commenting with positive statements, and even suggesting names like “Cyber coffins” and “Cybercophagus.”

With Tesla working to make the Cybertruck more capable of off-roading, it makes sense to add in accommodations so that when you get where you’re going, you have someplace to stay. Joeguy07’s imagined Cyber Camper is a great idea to do just that.

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