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First Look at Kia’s Insane $2 Million Concept EV9 Project

Vivid Sydney 2023 is currently in full swing, bringing the Harbour City bursting to life via a smorgasbord of innovative installations and eye-tickling light shows. Each of these injects our chilly winter nights with a welcome vibrancy designed to coax reluctant Sydneysiders out of our hibernation state. However, there’s one attraction this year that stands above the rest, giving Australia its first glimpse at the future of motoring while simultaneously providing a masterclass in the art of design.

Yes, the star of this year’s show—apart from the stunning harbour itself—is the Kia Helix, a bold installation designed to showcase the marque’s astonishing Concept EV9. Described by Vivid Sydney as an “animated show set to a crescendo soundscape celebrating a balance of innovation and intuitive, natural design,” the Kia Helix blends futuristic design and organic shapes before unveiling the highly anticipated Concept EV9, an all-electric, seven-seat SUV, through which Kia serves up innovation and cutting-edge design like an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Looking at the Future

The result of AUD$2 million worth of development, as you take in the Concept EV9’s strong presence, it’s clear that not a cent of that budget was wasted. From its strikingly minimalist design to the interior’s immense sense of space, this one-of-a-kind vehicle (and the polygonal design language used to create it) combines looks and intelligence to create an SUV quite unlike anything you’ve ever seen before

On approach, you’re struck by the Concept EV9’s clear-cut lines and laser-etched LED lights, which are cleverly hidden behind body panels. Using design motifs it calls ‘Digital Tiger Face’ and ‘Star Map’, Kia has created a look that’s both minimal and intimidating, while the ‘Star Cloud’ lights create patterns that give the whole affair a playful edge. This innovation continues at the rear, where a pair of slim lights accentuates the EV9’s stance, creating an overall effect that projects an intoxicating feeling of strength and confidence.

Room For Luxury

Stepping inside, the panoramic sky roof and Kia’s use of a flat-floor architecture offer up a luxurious sense of space for all three rows of seating, making even the roomiest of SUVs feel cramped by comparison. This generously spacious aesthetic—reminiscent of an airy first-class lounge—is further enhanced by the use of modern, minimalistic design throughout. This is best exemplified by the panoramic dashboard, which by some miracle appears to be floating, while offering effortless control of the vehicle’s wide array of functions. Access to these functions is achieved via a pair of 12.3-inch touch screens integrated with one 5-inch segment display, meaning any functionality and key driving information is just a touch away.

As you might expect, the Concept EV9 is not only pushing the environmental envelope through aerodynamic efficiency and future-building electric SUV design, but also in the materials being used. Kia has deployed sustainable parts throughout, using materials created through the recycling of fish nets and plastic waste to create the roof lining, seats, and even the flooring. Well, consider us floored.

If you’d like to see what the future of motoring looks like for yourself—and we strongly recommend that you do—don’t miss the Kia Helix display and the stunning Concept EV9 at Vivid Sydney. The installation is situated near Darling Harbour’s Convention Jetty and will operate from 6PM – 11PM every night up to and including June 17. This is your last chance to catch this incredible concept vehicle before Kia’s production EV9 hits Australian showrooms in the final quarter of 2023. Discover more above the Kia Helix and the EV9 via the link below.

Visit Kia Helix and the Concept EV9