A Helmet as Safe as the LIVALL Smart Bike Helmet is Past Due

The LIVALL Smart Bike Helmet will make cycling much safer through a few additions that have been a long time coming. The helmet provides many safety features that help to mitigate the dangers that surround you when you ride.

livall smart bike helmet back

LIVALL’s smart helmet meets both CPSC and CE standards for safety, but it doesn’t stop there. The helmet also features a band of LED lights with 270 degrees of visibility. The lights also light up when you’re braking and will flash like turn signals when turning (thanks to a remote mounted on your handlebar). The smart helmet can also send out SOS to your emergency contacts in the case of an accident just by pairing it with your phone via Bluetooth.

livall smart bike helmet inner view

The helmet also features a built-in speaker that provides quality stereo sound that is also controlled hands-free. You can use it to communicate with other riders or to play music. The smart helmet charges in just two hours, and has a week of working time in the battery’s life.

livall smart bike helmet back light

livall smart bike helmet indicator

All that extra electronics doesn’t weigh it down, either. The helmet stays lightweight, making it more comfortable to wear. And it’s not just for cycling. The helmet can be used for skateboarding, roller skating, hover boarding, and more. The helmet fits most head sizes, 54 to 1 cm.

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