Coast Cycles Buzzraw E1000 Electric Mini-Bike Defy the Norm

Coast Cycles’ Buzzraw E1000 Electric Mini-Bikes have a distinct style that easily sets them apart from their more humdrum counterparts. When bikes seem to be polarizing to one extreme or the other—road bikes, mountain bikes, or freestyle—it’s refreshing to see a bike that breaks from the typical appearance and come up with its own look. The Buzzraw mini-bike starts with tires that look like they were stolen from motorbikes, both off and on road versions. It’s amazing to see just how much a simple change in tire tread can affect the look of the mini-bikes. They go from aggressive to sleek just by the tread on the tires. But that’s not all that you can get out of the mini-bike. The seat isn’t so “mini.” It’s got enough room for you and another passenger, with some left over. The tires aren’t the only thing that can change the look of the bike. The handlebars can be pulled up or slid down, angled in or flattened out. If that’s not enough customization, you also have options with racks, fenders, pegs, cargo nets, and kickstands.

coast cycles buzzraw e1000 electric mini bike seat

The electric bike offers 1,000 watts of power with a mid-drive package, taking the work out of riding (you may want to pick up the mount kit, which is designed for the battery). The SRAM X4 shifter and derailleur combo gives eight gears of speed. This is the bike to make a statement with, especially if that statement is the joy of riding with friends.

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