Lotus Engineering Gets on the Track with Cycling

If you’re going to mess with speed, then you might want to check in with experts like Lotus. World-class track cycling is doing just that, turning to Lotus engineering in a bid to find Olympic success for Great Britain’s Cycling Team.

lotus engineering bike front view

“Lotus has always been at the very cutting edge of lightweight racing performance with its cars, and now—after 25 years away from cycling—we’ve collaborated to apply the same Lotus core values to this new track bike,” stated Miguel Fragaso, Executive Director of Lotus Engineering. “We look forward to working with British Cycling as testing continues towards next summer’s Olympics.”

lotus engineeeringnew bike to deliver olympic success

Lotus created the front fork design and the handlebars for the new bike in partnership with Hope Technology. Lotus also contributed to improving the stiffness and tweaking the front end feel to improve rider confidence. These additions and changes come with improvements on minimizing the bike’s overall weight.

lotus engineering world class track cycling

Tony Purnell, the head of technology for the Great Britain Cycling Team, said, “It’s a dream team of engineering prowess—Hope Technology bring high-quality manufacturing standards and Lotus Engineering is renowned for lightweight design and outstanding aerodynamic efficiency. Both have been supported and advised by additive manufacturing experts Renishaw, who have ensured that Lotus and Hope have access to the most modern and fastest turnaround process from design to usable pieces.”

world class track cycling with new bike for olympic

The bike is aiming at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, but there’s a process for approval that it must go through first. The UCI must approve it and it must be ridden during the 2019/2020 Tissot UCI Track Cycling World Cup series. To meet those criteria, the British Cycling team rode the bike in the Minsk-Arena velodrome in Belarus on November 1-3. The team went on to ride it again in Glasgow the following weekend. “Following a terrific effort from our sponsors to bring this bike into reality, we have the task of evaluating the bike together with the English Institute of Sport to ensure it’s going to have the right performance…in Tokyo, and providing feedback to Hope and Lotus engineering teams.” From what has already been seen, this bike may just give the team the edge they need to reach gold.

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