A Gold Plated Light Cycle from Tron Because Why The Hell Not?

People were split on the remake of the movie Tron, some loving it’s futuristic effects while others thought it lacked any real semblance of story whatsoever. However, no one was split on the Tron Light Cycle being one of the coolest things ever. So with this unanimous affection for automotive futurist Daniel Simon’s ability to balance high tech style with simplicity, artist Daniela Maria Guerrero took it upon herself to design her own light cycle, but cover it entirely in gold.

gold plated light cycle break

The concept bike mirrors Daniel Simon’s original cycle in all other respects, however. It still runs on pure liquid energy. Theoretically, the bike’s speed can be increased by pushing the ends further and further apart, just like in the original. The front and back wheels are identical in size and the front one is locked to the rear, so the only way to turn is to swerve back and forth, something that takes a lot of practice to be able to pull off. In the future of Tron’s world, this will be second nature, of course. Other manoeuvres can be accomplished with the help of a pair of small fins that spring out behind the rider, which will aid in both balancing and braking.

gold plated light cycle body

Of course, it’s the soft gold glow that’s the most eye catching part of this Tron Light Cycle Concept bike. Which makes sense, because if gold plated Light Cycles ever really do exist in the future, they would be owned by some sheik or rapper, not the rest of us.

Check it out

gold plated light cycle material shape

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