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11 Best Record Stores in Sydney For Vinyl Lovers | Man of Many

Since 1981, Red Eye Records has been both the largest and longest-lasting independent record store in Australia. They offer a huge range of classics, the latest releases and even some second-hand gems. There’s also music memorabilia, books, magazines, posters and even DVDs available too. Trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed when visiting this famous shop.

1. Red Eye Records

In the Heart of Newtown, you’ll find Egg Records. It is one of Sydney’s original record stores, its vinyl inventory is as good as other stores but what sets this Newtown gem apart is its enormous collection of secondhand and vintage vinyl. Featuring everything from the ‘60s and ‘70s rock all the way through to bizarre blues relics, jazzy obscurities and beyond even that. To say that you’re spoiled for choice is an understatement here. Plus there’s even CDs, cult movies and cool memorabilia available too.

2. Egg Records

Utopia Records has held the title of “Home of Metal since 1978” and for good reason. Its shelves feature everything from old-school thrash and New wave of British heavy metal to all the latest death metal, alternative rock and everything else in between. Here you’ll find a pretty insane collection of new and used vinyl along with some vinyl accessories. they even have a well-stocked collection of CDs, DVDs and even Blu-Rays.

3. Utopia Records

The Record Store is a world-renowned destination for vinyl crate-digging. It’s got everything a record shop should have and more, as its shelves have everything from the freshest club 12”s and new local releases all the way through to dusty jazz, Afrobeat, rare groove and even more. Lessons to learn how to mix vinyl into their DJ sets,  and masterclasses in music software production.

4. The Record Store

Repressed Record is a Newtown institution, with a DIY attitude and a particular focus on alternative and punk music. Along with punk and alternative vinyl, they also stock a vast selection of must-haves, up-and-coming records and even imports. Repressed Records also have a desire to promote independent Australian labels is what makes them so popular. With DIY bands, labels and CDs, DVDs, trinkets, specialty music books and zines from all around the country filling their shelves.

5. Repressed Records

Resist Records is not only a retail store, it’s also a record label, a touring and management company and even a booking agency. For the last 25 years, they’ve been at the pinnacle of Australia’s heavy music scene releasing records from the likes of Against Me!, Polaris and even Parkway Drive in. But what makes Resist Records so popular is its inventory. There’s so much heat hiding away on their shelves, with everything thing from alternative, to punk, metal and hardcore. But that’s not all they even have a large volume of zines and other merch on offer.

6. Resist Records

Something Else Records is a dedicated haven for all things dance and electronic. The store boasts a huge range of all the latest drum ‘n bass, techno, minimal, dub and ambient releases from here and all around the world. They even have a pretty good second-hand collection. Something Else also sells an array of equipment like turntables, mixers, record bags and more.

7. Something Else Records

Sandy’s Music Centre has been run by Nigel and Jenny Fry for 42 years and counting. They still boast the original signage, Sandy’s front half is dedicated to CDs and the back half to vinyl. Sandy’s literally stocks everything covering all genres from Hockey Dad to Miles Davis with some metal and heavy metal all the way to Childish Gambino. Whether you’re looking for Records or CDs they’ll most likely have it.

8. Sandy’s Music Centre

Papa Disquo Records keeps the memory and passion of Ken Perkins alive. After Ken died his family put his collection of 80,000 records up for sale. That’s when local Dj Gunjo Discopantz, put in a bid and scored the lot. Giving birth to the shop in Newton, stocking the store’s shelves with the endless array of rare blues, surf, dub, soul and funk records that comprised Perkins’ legendary collection, plus a wide array of new releases.

9. Papa Disquo Records

The Vintage Record is an iconic record shop, that’s been supplying music loves with quality vinyl since 1994. Stocking quality vinyl from the last 60 years as well as new releases and re-issues from here and overseas. You’ll find quality vinyl from almost every genre of music here, with everything from Blues to Soul, Funk and tons of classic rock and more.

10. The Vintage Record

TITLE Store is your one-stop shop for anything pop culture. With a wide-ranging collection of music on vinyl and CD from old classics to new releases and reissues all from a range of different genres, you’ll be spoiled for choice here. But that’s not all they even have an assortment of DVDs, quality box sets and unique books.

11. TITLE Store

What's the best record store in Newtown?

Newtown is home to some amazing record stores, but the best record store would have to be Egg Records because of its enormous collection of secondhand and vintage vinyl.

What's the best store in Sydney to buy vinyl records?

Any of the shops on our list offer some amazing vinyl, but the best store in Sydney to buy vinyl records would have to be the Record Store because it's a world-renowned destination for vinyl crate-digging.

Where is the best record shop in Sydney?

The best record shop in Sydney is Red Eye Records, as it's the largest and longest-lasting independent record store in Australia.

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