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A Guide to Hairline Tattoos | Man of Many

Let’s pick a guy at random. We’ll call him…ummmm…Mike Gunner. Primarily bald on top and plagued with a receding, uneven hairline, Gunner decides that he wants to bolster his appearance. Thankfully, there’s an advanced cosmetic procedure for that. It goes by the name of scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP) and it’s gaining traction amongst modern men. On the street level, it’s known as getting a men’s hairline or scalp tattoo.

What are Men’s Hairline Tattoos?

Before we get to things like the cost of a hairline tattoo, you should know what you’re getting yourself into. Here’s what you can expect over the course of your procedure, which usually breaks down into either two or three separate treatments:

What is it Like to Get a Men’s Hairline Tattoo?

We haven’t uncovered any hairline tattoo horror stories just yet, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one lying in wait. You should perform your own research on the facility or practitioner before going under the microneedle. Pay attention to things like reviews, but also to the type of ink or equipment used. You’ll also want to make sure that your skin isn’t sensitive to permanent ink, in general. Otherwise, SMP is reportedly a safe procedure.

Are Men’s Hairline Tattoos Safe?

It’s common knowledge that the hairline is one of the most sensitive areas to get a tattoo, but remember, this is scalp micro-pigmentation (and that’s not exactly the same thing). Because SMP is relatively fast and the needle is small, you can expect less pain than you’d experience from a typical tattoo procedure.

Are Men’s Hairline Tattoos Painful?

In a word: no. That is to say, you don’t need to be bald in order to qualify for or benefit from a hairline tattoo. In fact, with more follicles come more options. That includes soft hairline and widow’s peak tattoos, “Edge Up” tattoos, or the ability to add more volume to your thinning hair.

Are Hairline Tattoos Just for Bald Men?

If you’re a bald man who wants more than just a hairline, by all means, go full hair tattoo. Naturally, a full hair tattoo will cost more than a hairline tattoo.

Can You Get Your Whole Scalp Tattooed?

No two men are exactly the same and the cost of a men’s hairline tattoo will range accordingly. Everything from your innate features to your desired hairstyle will play a role in the treatment. For most bald men, a scalp tattoo will usually cost somewhere between US$1,500 and US$3,000, most commonly falling in the US$1,500 to US$2,000 range.

How Much Does a Men’s Hairline Tattoo Cost?

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