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5 Reasons BLUETTI’s AC180 is a Must-Have Camping Accessory

In Partnership with BLUETTI

There’s nothing quite like escaping into the great outdoors if you’re looking to recharge your batteries and spend some quality time with friends and family. As any dedicated camper will attest, you simply can’t beat a weekend surrounded by the beauty of nature and some good company, but—with it being 2023 and all—that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice all the creature comforts of home in the process.

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BLUETTI: AC180 portable power station

Whether you’re looking to keep your phone charged, beers cold, or campsite illuminated, we don’t think it’s asking too much to want a reliable and convenient source of power for your next wilderness jaunt. Enter the BLUETTI AC180 Solar Portable Power Station, which will deliver the ultimate upgrade to those nights sleeping under the stars. Plus, BLUETTI is currently offering more than 25 per cent off the USD$1,099 RRP if you pick one up by July 20, meaning for a limited time you can pay just USD$799!

Read on to discover five reasons why this remarkably handy, portable, and intelligent power station will make an invaluable addition to your camping setup. Once you’ve tried the BLUETTI AC180, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to get through a camping trip without it. 

1. The Power is Yours!

With its constant output power of 1,800W and capacity of 1,152Wh, the AC180 can power just about anything you care to plug into it. From your favourite coffee machine—you really shouldn’t have to go without caffeine no matter how remote your location—to the portable heater or AC unit keeping you comfortably cosy or cool, the AC180 will keep things running smoothly. Plus, for those campers with high-powered devices, you can activate Power Lifting Mode, which elevates its output to 2,700W, ensuring you’ll have all the power you need from the moment you leave home to the second you return. 

2. One Hour Charge = One Day’s Power

While having a portable power station is great, there’s not much point if you have to wait around all day waiting for it to charge. Fortunately, this station’s battery can be fully loaded before you’ve even started packing to leave. Thanks to its Turbo Charging functionality with up to 1,440W input, you can get the AC180 recharged from completely empty to 80 per cent full in just 45 minutes. That means you’ll never have to put up with a delayed departure time as you wait for your power station to charge up. 

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BLUETTI: AC180 portable power station

3. Portable & Practical

Having a power station can make all the difference when you’re out in the glory of nature, but if you struggle to get it to your campsite then it won’t do you much good at all. Fortunately, the AC180 has been designed for optimised portability. Measuring 340mmx247mmx317mm and weighing in at just 35.27lbs/16kg, it can go wherever you do. Plus, its convenient handheld design offers maximum carrying comfort, so you don’t have to worry about causing personal strain or injury while getting it to your ideal camping location. 

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BLUETTI: AC180 portable power station

4. Sun-stainability

Not only can the AC180 provide the power you need for a quick weekend away, it can also cater to longer excursions through the harnessing of solar power. Thanks to its max 500W solar input, a sunny day can see the AC180 fully charged within a mere three hours, meaning that as long as the sun is shining you’ll never run out of power, extending your stay for as long as your heart desires. Who wants to head back to work on schedule anyway?

5. Safety First

There’d be no point harnessing all the power contained within AC180 if it couldn’t be done safely. Fortunately, BLUETTI has equipped its power station with the safest LiFePO₄ batteries, ensuring long-term durability and over 3,500 life cycles. In fact, so confident is the brand in the quality of its product that the AC180 comes with a five-year warranty, so you can rest assured you’ll have the ability to power wilderness escapes for years to come. 

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BLUETTI: AC180 portable power station

No matter where you’re headed for that next adventure, the BLUETTI AC180 will deliver the power you need to enjoy a more comfortable camping experience. From enjoying a fresh hot brew in the morning to savouring that cold beverage at the end of the day, nothing will make you feel more at home in the great outdoors. So get in quick as that USD$799 price won’t last forever!