DJI Launches Osmo Action Camera to Rival GoPro

Chinese drone-producing behemoth DJI has come out of the gates today with a bold new product announcement: The Osmo Action camera.

In an obvious bid to put pressure on rival camera producer GoPro, who are famed for their small action cameras but not so much for their drones, DJI’s new device will shake up a very competitive market.

As far as the Osmo Action goes in terms of specs, users will enjoy high-quality stills and video, 4K/60fps at 100Mbps video and more dynamic detail with HDR video. They’ve also included their famous RockSteady technology, which combines EIS with complex algorithms, delivering stable, shake-free footage. There’s also everything else one would expect from a DJI device, including slo-mo, timelapse and custom exposure settings if you want to ramp up your photography game.

DJI is claiming a very robust build to keep it in line with market expectations (read: it’s just as tough as a GoPro) and, of course, myriad accessories, mounts and adapters so you can stick it on just about anything and record that perfect flip/wave/mountain/jump, etc.

Perhaps most excitingly, however, is the claim that the Osmo Action will film at 93 minutes at 4k resolution: that’s around 50 per cent more battery life than the top of the line GoPro.

The DJI Osmo Action retails for a cool AUD$499, and is available from their online store as of today (and will hit retailers in June).

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