Keep Your Gear Safe and Secure in Manfrotto’s Spin-55

Getting all your camera gear on-site can be challenging, especially when long distances mean boarding an airplane. The Manfrotto Pro Light Reloader Spin-55 Carry-on Camera Roller Bag was designed specifically to keep a photographer’s camera and accessories safe without any of the hassle so often faced by travellers.

Manfrotto camera bag with tripod compartment on the side

The Spin-55 fits international carry-on sizes and weights between 4.2 kilograms to 4.9 kilograms. It is constructed on Pro Light rip-stop nylon fabric. The outer shell is water repellent, keeping your gear safe in even the harshest environments. The bottom and corners, the areas that most often get worn out on luggage, received special attention, reinforcing them for a longer life.

The handle has four stages for convenience while on the move. Inside, the Spin-55 has 14 reinforced modular dividers, allowing for multiple configurations to fit your gear. You can easily pack in a DSLR attached with a 400/2.8 lens, a 200-400/4 or a detached 500/4, or a Canon C100 with light stands. You can even use it to carry your drone and its accessories. It also functions as a regular carry-on if you’re not taking any camera equipment with you.

Manfrotto's accessories compartment of the camera bag

Manfrotto also offers the option of replacing the standard TPU+ABS 84mm bearing wheels with your ideal type of roller-blade wheels. The Spin-55 also comes with a built-in smart Camera Protection System to absorb shock, keeping your sensitive equipment safe and perfectly calibrated. There are two see-through small accessory pockets that you can use to keep track of all those small parts.

Manfrotto also thought to add in external tripod connectors. And you can even slip your laptop into the bag while you’re on the go. A double zipper lock keeps everything secure.

Manfrotto camera bag wheel

Getting all your gear where you’re going can be so much simpler when you have a the right gear—gear like the Manfrotto Spin-55 carryon.

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