Know Who’s at Your Door with the RemoBell S

With the number of video doorbells steadily proliferating the market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for any particular company to stand out. The RemoBell S isn’t facing that challenge, thanks to the many features it has.

video doorbell

The RemoBell S, just like most every other video doorbell, provides 24/7 surveillance, only the RemoBell does so with full 1080p HD video. It also comes with infrared night vision and has a two-way talk feature.

With a 180 degree field of view (both horizontal and vertical), the RemoBell can be adjusted to capture the specific area that you want to see. Adjustable motion sensors also help reduce false notifications, which are done through instant push notifications to your smart device, either iOS or Android.

Remo Bell video doorbell on door

The motion sensors can also be directed at areas of interest. It also integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTT.

You’ll also enjoy free rolling video storage for up to three days, with paid plans available with more options. Videos are recorded to the Cloud for easy access anywhere thanks to the remo+ app. You can also monitor your front door at any time with the live view.

Remo Bell S video view

Access to RemoBell S can be granted to up to five viewers per account.

Perhaps most notable, however, is the price: only USD$99.

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