Lenovo Mirage VR Camera Relives Memories from Your Perspective

You can capture special moments in the same way that you first saw them with the Lenovo Mirage VR Camera. The camera comes with two 13MP fisheye cameras that mimic how your own eyes function—creating depth perception and a 180 X 180 degree field of capture. The camera captures everything your eyes see and more, and does so in 4K video with advanced auto-image stabilization. In other words, when you record with the Mirage, your viewers will feel like they were there with you.

 lenovo mirage vr and two rear camera

The Mirage is simple to use as well. It’s literally just three buttons to start recording VR footage—power, shutter, and function. You can choose between three modes, photo, video, and live broadcasting. With Google Photos and YouTube, you can upload your content in a matter of seconds and even livestream it in VR (you can stream in 4K, 1440p, or 1080p depending on your WIFI bandwidth). If you don’t upload or livestream, you can store your images in the camera’s on-board 16GB of eMMC storage.

lenovo mirage vr camera phone and card holder

The VR180 app by Google can also be downloaded to turn your phone into a viewfinder for the camera so that you can preview any videos or photos before you share them.

lenovo mirage vr camera side view

You might worry that this camera will be large and bulky, but it’s actually lightweight (less than five ounces) and only measures four inches long by two inches tall. To view your VR content, you can use the Daydream VR headset.

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lenovo mirage vr camera stand man playing game

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