Test the Boundaries with Leica Monochrom M Stealth Edition Camera

Leica has come out with a product that would seem a bit far fetched for anything else in the industry today: The Leica M Monochrom Stealth Edition Camera. Legendary Fashion Designer, Marcus Wainwright maybe explains the Monochrom the best, “Monochrom is a wonderful concept. Nobody – no other company – could have had the courage to do it.”

That’s why when Leica asked to partner with Wainwright he jumped at the chance. The result? The Monochrom M Stealth Edition. This design called for taking the discreet unobtrusiveness as far as it could reach. The camera is coated in a special scratch-resistant paint, making the device as black as can be. Never ignoring performance, the frame is also rounded out with leather trim from extremely smooth full-grain cowhide that also offers maximum grip.

leica monochrome m stealth camera all functionality

The Leica M Monochrom is the perfect tool for modern photographers that want to shoot in storied black-and-white to fully express their creativity. Developed perfectly as a revamped and retooled successor to the first black-and-white digital full-frame camera, the Monochrom relies on the latest and greatest technologies to provide maximum quality and user experience to a sometimes-forgotten black-and-white photographic world.

black leica monochrome m camera back side

The lens included in the boxed-set has a classic 35 mm focal length and is finished in the same special scratch-resistant black paint as the rest of the body. The lens both enhances the look of the model and impresses with optimal imaging performance.

The Monochrom M Stealth Edition Camera is an interesting approach to a saturated industry of digital cameras. By focusing in on one thing, black-and-white photography, and perfectly its craft, the Monochrom Stealth offers a unique experience to any and all users who are looking to approach photography from a slightly different angle.

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