The Fujifilm X-Pro3 Digital Camera is Meant for the Street

When you’re out on the street, or on the news beat, you want the right camera there to get the images you need. Fujifilm’s new X-Pro3 mirrorless digital camera in dura black is designed specifically with the photojournalist and the street photographer in mind.

Fujifilm X-Pro3 mirrorless digital camera

The X-Pro3 is founded on the 26.1MP APS-C X-trans BSI CMOS 4 Sensor. Combined with an X-Processor 4, the sensor allows the camera to capture smooth tones with low native ISO 160 settings, which means you can shoot in low light conditions. Of course that also means you won’t be carting around a lot of lighting equipment, but you’ll still be able to get those amazing shots. The X-Pro3 can shoot in -6EV, which enables it to shoot in situations that are considered “pitch darkness.” The X-trans design also reduces moire and aliasing, thanks to its ability to mimic the organic feel of film. That film simulation mode is made all the more spectacular by the intense color reproduction capabilities of the X-Pro3.

Fujifilm X-Pro3 top view mirrorless camera

The Hybrid Multi Viewfinder of the X-Pro3 utilizes both the optical and electronic viewfinder, allowing you to frame your picture regardless of your preferences. The X-Pro3 also features a hidden 1.62m-dot LCD touchscreen. The hidden aspect of the touchscreen encourages photographers to return to the more traditional approach to photography using the viewfinder rather than the screen. The LCD screen has an anti-reflective coating as well as a wide view angle and high contrast with natural colors, making it perfect for reviewing photos on the fly.

Fujifilm X-Pro3 digital camera

The X-Pro3 can also shoot in high quality 4K video. The Memory LCD also allows you to review settings with the camera on or off. It comes with multiple finishes—dura black, dura silver, and black. The X-Pro3 is priced at $1,999.95. If you’re a photographer on the move, then the X-Pro3 is what you need.

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Fujifilm X-Pro3 front view digital camera

Fujifilm X-Pro3 side view camera

Fujifilm X-Pro3 top view mirrorless camera

Fujifilm X-Pro3 camera